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All Adults In The Country Eligible To Receive Vaccination By April 19, Declares President Biden

President Biden announced on Tuesday that he is bumping up the deadline for all States to extend vaccine eligibility to all adults to April 19. He is optimistic at the speed of the vaccination drive in the country. Even then, he warned the countrymen that the US is not out of the danger. He wants to be brutally honest with the people. The country is not yet out of the woods with regard to the COVID 19 pandemic. It is still in a life and death race against the virus. New variants are emerging and spreading at a fast pace. The decline in the number of infections, hospitalizations and deaths is now a thing of the past. It is on the rise at present. He also appealed to all Americans to use sanitizers, maintain social distance and wear masks. His administration is striving to meet the goal of supplying 250 million doses of the vaccine within 100 days in the office. Still, the country needs more time to vaccinate enough of its people to curb the spread of the pandemic. He also hoped that his announcement of the expansion of vaccine eligibility will boost the effort. Every adult can now register and stand in the virtual queue to get vaccinated.

All Adults In The Country Eligible To Receive Vaccination By April 19, Declares President Biden

Certain States have already expanded its vaccine eligibility in this line. There is no need of any confusion, no need of any restriction anymore.

All Adults In The Country Eligible To Receive Vaccination By April 19, Declares President Biden

The President announced his decision after visiting a vaccination site. During his time there, he expressed his gratitude both to those who administered shots and those who came forward to receive them. Getting vaccinated is the only way to beat the virus, he said.

He also said that no one should fear the new mutations of the virus being detected in other countries. They are now being discovered in the US. He also acknowledged the fact that they are more contagious than the original version of the coronavirus. Vaccines work against them all. The President also announced that his administration was able to administer 150 million doses of vaccine from his first day in the office till now. That lends credibility to his new target of 200 million doses of vaccines within 100 days in the office on 30th April. His original target was 150 million doses of shots within 100 days in office. But his administration fulfilled the goal in March.

The President, however, acknowledged the fact that he fell short on his promise of at least one dose of the vaccine for all teachers, child care workers and other staff. This, he had promised, to help re-open schools. He declared his target last week and directed the federal administration to fulfill the same. But CDC announced that up to 80% of teachers have received at least one shot of the vaccine.

The Vice President and her husband too spent the Tuesday promoting the vaccination drive. Each of them visited a vaccination site and hailed its staff and those who received the same. She too sees a light at the end of the tunnel.

Certain States in the country are planning to ease safety restrictions of the pandemic. This is happening at a time when the number of infections is on the rise in the country.

On Tuesday, the country’s top infectious disease expert warns that the nation is now in a critical stage. A bit of relaxation may take it to another surge. That is going to be a setback not only for the healthcare sector but also to the nation’s psyche at large. The President himself is against the re-opening, planned by some States.

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