Best 6 Pills To Get Relief From Cramps – Painkillers!

Dysmenorrhea or period pains or cramps are common in girls and women, and these have varying intensity. At times, this pain reaches such a height that women cannot carry on with their regular chores like going to work or homemaking.

Bad period pains lead to the production of prostaglandin, which causes painful cramps around the lower abdomen. In worse cases, you may find the pain is radiated to the back or thigh.

Best Pills For Cramps

Some Of The Best Pills For Cramps


The primary function of acetaminophen is to hit those areas of the brain that are accountable for the processing of pain and temperature. Along with cramps, if you have developed a fever, acetaminophen will work for both and give you a great relief.

It works well because the liver breaks it down, but it is not reliable as it may be a threat to your liver because the liver is the crucial organ that filters toxins. Another significant advantage of taking acetaminophen is that it does not affect your stomach, for which, it is referred to as the best pill for dealing with cramps.


If you find that you have developed a stomach ache or upset besides your cramp, you can consume acetaminophen as it does not mess with your stomach. As for the dosage, you should start with the minimum possible one to treat your cramp.

This may be 325 milligrams and can extend up to 500 milligrams depending on the intensity of the pain. 


It has been universally accepted that NSAIDs are the best pills for cramps available in the market. It is also said the research has proved that NSAIDs can lighten heavy bleeding better than any other medicine. They work differently from other drugs, by chilling the endings of the nerve which emanates pain.


The inclusion of ibuprofen, naproxen, Celecoxib, aka Celebrex, and seclusion of acetaminophen or multiple symptoms medication make NSAIDs more effective. The most significant advantage of consuming NSAIDs is that they help in the reduction of inflammation that reduces muscle pains.

As it is broken or metabolized by the kidneys, it does not pose any threat to the liver, unlike acetaminophen. NSAIDs can suppress enzymes that protect the stomach lining, which exposes you to acid reflux, stomach upset, bleeding, or ulcers.

NSAIDs are also useful in thinning your blood, which delays the risk of heart attack or stroke. Though this is not a primary concern of you during a cramp, this add-on feature of this drug is beneficial to your health, irrespective of your age.

However, you must be careful about blood thinning if you have just undergone surgery or have a blood clotting disorder. In that case, you must not rely on any medication instead of your doctor’s prescription.

Following is an in-depth look at the NSAIDs, which may prove effective to you before you self medicate yourself.



Though many rely only on aspirin, it is not the ultimate solution to your cramp as it may trouble and irritate your stomach, making it upset. It is ibuprofen or naproxen, which works much effectively without disturbing and developing side effects that make your period cramp become much more complicated.


Ibuprofen is one of the best pills for cramps, which can efficiently cure your cramps and bring you out of it. It would help if you had a functioning kidney and a good stomach so that ibuprofen is not able to malfunction.


You should take this medicine with food to prevent any other complication. Ibuprofen is one of the most relied on medications used by people all across the globe.



Naproxen is almost popular as ibuprofen, which is considered to be another most effective medicine for cramps. It provides you with a long-lasting relief and thus is an excellent choice by any. If you consecutively face cramps, over and over again, you can rely on Naproxen.


Though celecoxib is suitable for arthritis and is available only after showing the prescription, it is a helpful and useful medicine for cramps. Too much consumption of this drug can cause side effects, but if you consume it in the proper dosage, it proves to be an effective remedy.


If you are enduring some clotting disorder, celecoxib works well as it has minimal effect on the functioning of the platelet.



Do not treat cramps with whatever medicine you have in your medicine container. Make sure that whichever medicine you take, the dose is monitored correctly. If you see that your cramps are not curing even after taking pills, consult a doctor to avoid further complications.

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