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10 Best Bodybuilding Diet Plans For Office Workers – Must Try!

Today, as we run a busy life where everything is in a rush, we tend to cut short all our chorus and choose the easiest and laziest way out. In choosing the lazy way out we completely neglect our diet, we grab anything from the fridge on our way to work. We don’t stop and look the ingredients or nutritional value of the food we consume, as longs it makes us full. The risk includes adult chronic diseases such as hypertension, obesity, and types 2 diabetes. These disease seen among older age groups are now seen in the younger generation. Did you ever ask yourself is this lifestyle healthy? What is your body going through? For now, you may seem perfectly OK, but talk to any diet expert, your health status after the next 5 years will completely shock you.

10 Best Bodybuilding Diet Plans for Office Workers

If you don’t want to go down that road, a simple way to get your food habits back of track is by following a diet plan. Just like how normal planning helps you do things better in life, a diet plan will ensure that your body gets the right amount of nutrients.

Body building diet plans for office workers

The best thing about a meal plan is that its customizable as per individual and extremely easy to prepare and follow. If you are one of those people who have an office job-sits idly in from of the computer all day long, don’t worry your health is not a lost cause, we have 10 delicious, healthy as well as extremely easy to prepare diet plans specially designed for office workers. For office workers lunch that’s between 400 to 550 calories with a protein content of about 50 grams is absolutely necessary to keep going throughout the day. If your calorie intake is correct you can build muscle even in the resting stage.

Benefits of Bodybuilding Diet Plans for Office Workers

Before getting into the diet plans itself, let me brief out the numerous benefits of having a diet plan, which most of us never seemed to notice.

  • Save money

You don’t have to run to the supermarket every two days to pick out food, that you may probably won’t even end up using. In a diet plan, you will know exactly what you need for the next week or month.

  • Better time management

No more, standing in front of the fridge or worrying about what to prepare for the next day.

  • Easier meal preparation

This is one of the key benefits of having a specific meal plan, as per your lifestyle and work, the meal plans can be made simple or complex as per choice.

  • Eliminate last-minute stress

You run home from work feeling tired and hungry, only to know that there is no food at home, you worry about what to prepare for dinner. These kinds of unwanted stress can be completely eliminated.

  • Effective weight loss and weight gain

For those of you who want to lose or gain weight, planning an advanced meal will help you stay focused on your goals.

  • Avoid junking and other unhealthy food choices

Instead of snacking on unhealthy and random food choices, advance planning will always make sure that you get all the proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals your body need in the right quantity.

Bodybuilders especially need a well-balanced diet containing whole grains,  healthy fat, lean meat, fruit, vegetables, and low-fat dairy. BCAA also was known as branch chain amino acids is very important if you want to build lean muscle.

Body building diet plans for office worker

Healthy Bodybuilding Diet Plans for Office Workers

Here are extremely healthy, simple and tasty bodybuilding diet plans for office workers

  • Drink Water

As soon as you wake up to make sure you have at least 2 glasses of water, it can either be plain water or any naturally flavored water. This will kick-start your metabolism and get your body going.

  • Breakfast

Make sure that you have your breakfast before 8 am. And make sure it’s more than just a coffee. Some of the best breakfast options are oats, yogurts, fruits, baked beans, egg, toast or even a healthy low-fat shake.

  • No Coffee

If you feel like grabbing something on the way to work then, toasted sandwich along with grainy bread and coffee is a good alternative. Make sure that you stay away from.syrup-based coffees, processed carbohydrates, banana bread, sugar etc.

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  • Snacks

Your 10 am a snack at the office can include thick yogurt, whole grain crackers, fruits, low-fat spread with whole grain bread etc.instead of another cup of coffee you can have a cup of refresh

  • No Sugar

Once you start to avoid sugar, you may start experiencing sugar craving around lunchtime, to control those cravings as well as to avoid snacking of any junk food, make sure your lunch meal is filled with lots of vegetables and proteins. Some of the options you can choose are cheese sandwiches, Plain ham,  vegetable soups, tuna etc, but this food may not fill you up so you can all whole food such as chicken salads with beans,  soups, and crackers, pasta etc.

  • Mid Noon Snacking

One way to know if you had a fully balanced diet is that you wouldn’t be feeling hungry until mid-noon. Some of the mid-noon snacking options include nuts, try various nut-based snacks. They can give you energy and keep you going till dinner. If you crave for sweets, then low-fat hot chocolate drip is ideal

  • Early Dinner

Once you are back home, make sure you have your dinner as early as possible, in case if you have no choice than to have a late dinner then make sure you have a light dinner, such as grilled vegetables, salads, soup etc.

Apart from the above, Boiled eggs, tuna, lots of olive oil, black pepper, bacon, lettuce, tomato, beetroot,  chicken, olives stuffed with almonds, sweet corn, chickpeas, cucumber, mushrooms,  and sea salt, are delicious as well as healthy, you can include them in your meal plan  so that you don’t feel bored.

Your food choices today, determine your health tomorrow and in the near future. Eat healthily, live happily.

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