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5 Best Home Remedies For Vitiligo Lips That Really Works!

Whenever any other person looks at you, apart from your personality and actions it is your face which forms your first impression. Though these spots are not contagious and can be treated easily, a patient of vitiligo lips tends to hear a lot of rumours about themselves. Hence, vitiligo lips can often lead to stress and low self-esteem in those suffering from it. Under this disease, your lips tend to get some yellowish white spots which are somewhere between opaque and semi-transparent. The medical name of these spots of Fordyce spots and they are caused as a result of abnormal secretion by sebaceous gland in the skin.

Best Home Remedies For Vitiligo Lips 

Several home remedies for vitiligo lips are easily available, however, it is better than before actually employing them you consult a specialist first. Consulting a doctor will give you an additional confirmation about these spots being Fordyce spots as well as second guidance on how they can be treated. But if you have already done the first part and now want to know some of the best home remedies for vitiligo lips, then we won’t keep you waiting for long. Here we have gathered the shortlisted remedies for you, have a look at them!

5 Best Home Remedies For Vitiligo Lips

1. Use Coconut Oil

coconut oil

Often, the root cause behind abnormal secretion of sebum oil by the sebaceous gland is dry and dehydrated skin. So, it takes no genius to discover that to treat it one needs to moisturize your skin. The best, healthy and the cheapest way to do so is by using coconut oil. Not only is it easily available, free of toxins but it also possesses antimicrobial properties and is really effective. For the best results create a mixture of two to three tablespoons of coconut oil along with a few drops of essential lavender oil and apply it on the affected area with clean fingers. Let it be applied for a couple of hours and then you can wash it off. This mixture will leave your skin smooth, moisturized and will also soothe skin inflammation. You can use this remedy twice a day.

2. Garlic can Work for You!


The excess sebum oil accumulated becomes a breeding ground for bacteria which further leads to infection. In this infection, the inflammation is caused in the surrounding tissue of the affected area. So, we need to find a remedy through which we can counteract the bacterial infection. One of the best fighters of bacteria is garlic. It contains several medicinal properties which not only maintain oral hygiene but also helps to wipe off these spots. For increasing the garlic consumption is your day to day routine, you can crush two to three garlic cloves and blend with approximate 200 ml water. Now have this drink positively before and after your meals. For adding a bit of flavour, you can also add one to two tablespoons of lemon juice in the drink too. You can have this drink twice or even thrice a day.

3. Cure your Vitiligo through Basil Leaves!

basil leaves

Many of you would have heard about the medicinal properties of basil leaves. These leaves are one of the most natural cures with next to none side effects that you can ask for. Blessed with antiviral and anti-aging properties, basil leaves can greatly cure your vitiligo. For the remedy, you can either crush two to three basil leaves or you can also take basil juice. Now, whatever you do crush the leaves or directly take the juice, mix it with lime juice. Apply this mixture on your lips and boost the melanin production. Do it regularly for better results!

4. Buttermilk for your Aid!


The inflammation caused in the bacterial infection of Fordyce spots can be very irritating and painful for the patient. But this problem can be solved by using buttermilk. No, you don’t have to drink it. You have to pour a small amount of buttermilk in a container, then take a cotton ball dip it in buttermilk apply it on your lips. Let this buttermilk get dry on your lips and then rinse off later. You can repeat this procedure three to four times a day. Buttermilk is a great astringent as well as an amazing home remedy for vitiligo lips.

5. Papaya Tastes and Cures Sweetly!


Papaya can do wonders for a person suffering from vitiligo. It can help cure vitiligo anywhere on your body including vitiligo lips too. In vitiligo, the body becomes deficient of the melanin cells which can be replenished super – fast with a sufficient intake of papaya. For curing vitiligo lips with papaya, you have to cut small pieces of papaya and then rub these pieces gently on your lips. Let it get dry on your lips and then wash it away. This remedy can be practiced two to three times a day. You can also drink papaya juice on a daily basis for better and faster results.

We hope that these home remedies for vitiligo lips will help you fight off the disease!

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