5 Best Cardio Friendly Pre Workouts For Everyone

If you are looking for some of the best cardio-friendly pre-workout exercises for everyone, then you need not worry more about finding them as you are in the right place. As soon as you hear the word cardio or workout, the fitness freak hidden inside your body would start imagining a picture of you working hard and sweating profusely. Though this image is good for motivation purposes but in reality, it must not be followed unless you want to get more injuries and cramps.

5 Best Cardio Friendly Pre Workouts For Everyone

If you wish to make the best out of your workout session, it is better if you start with warm-up exercises which will increase your heart rate and tend to prepare your body for the workout session by increasing the flow of blood and oxygen in the muscles thus improving the body movement.


Here we have shortlisted the best exercises for you.

  1. Twister

Twister exercise

This exercise is for giving your upper body a twist along with a good stretch to the spine. Moreover, it improves your flexibility as well as gets your heart rate going up. The beginning step is to stand straight with your feet apart such as there is an approximate shoulder width difference between the two legs. Close your hands in loose fists and bend your arms in front, then while keeping your feet straight move your upper body, hips, and torso to the right. Pause like that for a few seconds, return back to the center and then turn towards the left side. Inhale while twisting to left or right and exhale when returning to center. Repeat the same procedure from center to right, back to center, then go left and then again center for at least 16 times, 8 times on each side.

  1. Circling the Knees

circling the knee


One of the body parts which is the first to get hurt during any casualties or exercise accidents are the knees. Circling the knees exercise will not only strengthen the knees but will also help in stabilizing your ankles. For this cardiofriendly pre-workout exercise, stand straight with your feet apart at a distance of shoulder width from each other. Then bending slightly in the forward direction keep your hands on your knees and rotate your knees in a clockwise direction. Make sure that while rotating the knees, your feet are flat on the floor and there is in minimum hip movement as the purpose of the exercise is to rotate just the knees. As per your capability, you can repeat the procedure 5-10 times on each side one by one.

  1. Inchworm



Due to less movement and lack of exercises in the daily routine, the flexibility of our body reduces tremendously which obviously affects the workout performance. To open up the tight body parts especially along the spine, inchworm or the vinyasa asana of yoga is the best warm-up exercise you can do. To get the starting position of this exercise, bend your whole body into a downward dog posture. Then while supporting your body through your hands, slowly move your feet forward near your hands and then walk ahead again through the support of your hands. Repeating this whole exercise until 10 times will really boost up your energy and strength.

  1. Leg Swing

Leg Swing

Leg swing is one exercise which comes under the list of dynamic warm-up exercises and is recommended by every fitness trainer. This exercise not only moves your leg but also opens up a flexible hip movement. Initially support your body to a nearby wall by putting your right hand on it, then move your right leg in such a way as if kicking a football (from back to front). While you kick your right leg, make sure that simultaneously you also swing your left arm in sync with your right leg. Keep doing this for about 10 times with your right leg and left hand. Then reverse your position and do the same with your left leg and right hand, again for about 10 times.

  1. Jumping Jacks

Jumping Jacks

Jumping jack exercise is a combination of different exercises and hence is considered as one cardio-friendly pre-workout exercise. Therefore, it is always recommended to not perform it in the beginning rather after doing rounds of other warm-up exercises. It is best to end your warm-up session with the jumping jacks as they get your heart pumping really high, thus matching a bit with an intense cardio session ahead. For doing jumping jacks, stand straight with arms on your sides and bend your knees a little.

Step 1 is to jump with your hands moving overhead and then landing on the floor with your legs shoulder-width apart. Once you land, then step 2 is to jump again to reach back the original position of closed feet and arms on the side. For increasing the intensity level, you can aim to jump higher every time. However, make sure of increasing speed slowly to reduce the risk of muscle cramps. At a time, you can repeat the whole procedure to a minimum of 10 times.


These were some of the best cardio-friendly pre-workout exercises which will pump up your body to perform amazingly in your cardio session. Just like the warm-up, also remember to do a cool down session after your workout. We wish you luck with your fitness plans. Be careful, be fit!

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