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CBD: Is Your Pain Relieved Or Not?

 Cannabidiol is a phytocannabinoid oil extracted from the cannabis plant which is used to get relief from pain, stress, anxiety, and depression. One of the most profound uses of this oil is for relief from arthritis. Today millions of people are using this oil as pain relievers.

CBD: Is Your Pain Relieved Or Not?

There are many uses of this oil, but still, according to new research, the reality of the effectiveness is unclear. The question is, can cannabidiol oil cure the pain or make the patient feel less about the pain? 

CBD: Is Your Pain Relieved Or Not?

A study was done by the author Martin De Vita, a researcher in the psychology department at Syracuse University, in New York, on CBD as a pain reliever and not just a placebo effect (a treatment design not having any therapeutic value). He says it’s a little bit of both. As CBD is extracted from the cannabis plant, but the difference is it won’t get you high. 

For this study, 15 healthy, free from all pains, participated. They share their responses before and after using this oil. The CBD lessens the emotional part from the pain, or in simple words; it just reduces the mental unpleasantness. But the pain sensation wasn’t eliminated, and the participants just felt less bothersome.

The first experiment yields consistent results, and in others, they found that using CBD does not reduce the pain intensity but make the pain feel less. De vita and his team used professional equipment that measures how one nervous system acts and responds to it, and then they examine with drugs whether it is pure CBD or a placebo and then reassess their response. To get more clarity, they tell the false reports to the participants so that they could find out if they relieved themselves from the pain or just felt the placebo effect.

The researchers assumed that by this experiment, they would detect the expectancy- caused placebo outcome. And after measuring a few of them, it’s a little bit of both. They found some improvements in the pain resulting from the pharmacological effects of CBD.

It is remarkable, and the data is pretty exciting but yet complex as there are so many measures of pain responded differently from the drug effect or with both drug and expectancy combined responses. There are still findings on how there is variation in data with different kinds of pain. 

As normal, people will state pain as it’s there and it’s not there, just like a switch on and off. But in reality, pain is a complex sensation affected by psychological and biological dimensions. The sensation is related to the intensity of pain, and the unpleasantness is related to the emotional factor of pain. For example, a noise coming from the radio, the intensity of pain will be from the volume, and the quality is from the station. De vita says about the result from the study that cannabinoid oil is not reducing the pain; it’s just they changed the channel to make it less terrible.

CBD didn’t help relieve pain as much as described, but yes, it helps to make it less unpleasant. The oil they used in the experiment is pure cannabidiol oil, and the products available in the market may or may not be as pure as the original oil, and eventually, the results also can deviate.

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