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CDC Is Concerned With The Easing Of Restrictions in The U.S.

The top officials of health in the U.S. have said that they are very encouraged as the  Covid-19 vaccinations are accelerating.

CDC Is Concerned With The Easing Of Restrictions in The U.S.

But the virus spread won’t get suppressed until it was most of the Americans are completely vaccinated and easing of these restrictions across the U.S. are generally increased with the spring break. Due to this, the increase in the crowds might spike the growth of the virus as one of the experts said one Wednesday.

CDC Is Concerned With The Easing Of Restrictions in The U.S.

What concerns the experts in the video footage of what was happening for spring breakers. As the people are not continuing the implementation of the various prevention strategies as the country tries to fully scale up as said by Dr. Rochelle Walensky, the  U.S. CDC or Centers for Disease Control and Prevention director during a recent White House Covid-19 virus briefing.

Everyone needs to stay up there for a bit longer since everyone can foresee a time that will be in the next two to three months where more people would be getting vaccinated and the country would really have very bleak infection rates as said by her.

The upcoming weeks are very critical there has been an increase in the Covid-19 cases in the U.S. which might be discarded as just a slight increase, but according to Walensky, these virus strains are very contagious — and much more deadly — this variant which is circulating. Some of the experts have already warned that if the government continues loosening the safety measures, then the country might see another surge in the number of cases. 

If everyone chooses to ensure proper prevention at this point in time, then everyone would come out of the pandemic much faster and with lesser lives lost as said by the CDC director.

So even when the U.S. might be getting closer to turning the corner, we are not there at this point in time. The U.S. still continues to add up thousands of new Covid-19 cases plus hundreds of virus-related deaths daily.

When everyone is at this level, it is not easy to think that we can declare this victory now and keep believing that we have turned the corner as said by Dr. Anthony Fauci, who is also the U.S.’s leading expert in infectious disease, as said during this briefing. We still need to continue what we all are doing since the pandemic: more vaccinations and must continue to follow more public health measures till we in reality turn this corner.

But the good news is vaccinations are really making some difference. Around a quarter of the Americans have already gotten at least a single dose of the Covid-19 vaccine, as per the CDC data. Around 14% of this U.S. population is completely vaccinated.

This pace of the vaccinations has already doubled in a span of fewer than 2 months, this CDC data is showing that more than 70% of the total population above 65 years have at least received a minimum of one shot.

The 65 and above citizens of the U.S. have registered a larger decline in the Covid-19 cases, rate of death, and hospitalizations than any age group and it now accounts for the smaller share of the total hospitalizations than it was a few months ago, as per the analysis of the data by CDC.

In the nursing homes that were prioritized for the vaccinations across the nation since the beginning of the vaccine rollouts, the Covid-19 cases and the deaths among these residents are one of the lowest than they’ve been.

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