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The COVAX Program Is Looking Towards The U.S.

Dr. Seth Berkley who is the CEO of the Gavi, the company for the Vaccine Alliance, has said that the doses for all the health care workers and all other high risk groups in many countries that was to be delivered through a COVAX program that would be set back by many weeks.

The COVAX Program Is Looking Towards The U.S.

He has elaborated on this announcement the previous day from the Gavi and his partners that around 90 million of the doses of this AstraZeneca’s vaccine which is made by Serum Institute of India would be delayed by the last of the April as the government of India is grappling with another big spike in the infections with this infection rates reaching around 62,000 per day.

The COVAX Program Is Looking Towards The U.S.

They are very disappointed as the Berkley has told the press. He also has said that they are in talks with the government of India and SII are in the hopes in which they might get some of the vaccine shot freed up. Then they might be able to get a full swing and scale up later, maybe in the month of May.

They have hoped for reaching all the workers of health care and also the high risk groups at the end of March as said by Berkley.

South Korean company which is the producer of the AstraZeneca vaccine, the SK Bioscience, is also producing very slower as they have originally expected but due to the fact that this supply chain is quite new as said by Berkley.

The COVAX has already shipped around 31 million of the doses which has been distributed to among 60 countries in the past weeks. They have already announced their plans for shipping around 237 million of the AstraZeneca shots at the end of this May, as a part of plans for deploying some of the 2 billion COVID-19 vaccines around this year.

But this supply of vaccine concerns must have weighed particularly on the hard hit countries such as these in European Union and in India in the past weeks, are causing a surge in the so called nationalism of the vaccine in some places.

UNICEF, that has played a key role for deploying these COVAX vaccines shots, said that this supply of these scheduled vaccines to around 60 countries which have received these doses are affected due to the delays of the company producing these vaccines.

The country of the U.S. is one of the countries that has got more doses that is needed by the population, and would have enough vaccines for this entire population till the end of the July.

Plans which have been announced by this Biden administration for sharing the doses.

Berkley, who is an American citizen, has already asked about this timing about the plans. He said all  would be very interested, particularly in context of these slowdowns that everyone is talking about at present, to try to see vaccines be made available for the COVAX Facility.

Berkley expressed his hope that some doses out of all ordered or  obtained by the U.S., such as from Novavax or AstraZeneca would be made available to assist with  this short-term issue in regards to its supply.

He further said that vaccine makers can play a decisive role in this and talks with these drug companies are in process. 

Separately Friday who is the head of the World Health Organization has literally pleaded with financially rich countries that they should immediately donate at least 10 million coronavirus vaccines, in order to assist the U.N. health agency to reach its goal – goal of immunization in most of the countries within 100 days of 2021.

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