5 Easy Ways To Prevent Shin Splints While Walking!

Here are the 5 easy ways to prevent shin splints while walking. Shin splints are a familiar injury which relates to physical activities like walking, running, exercising, dancing, playing sports and others. The word “shin splints” attributes to pain along the inner rim of the shinbone (Tibia). The pain is due to irritation of the tendons, muscles and bone tissues along the inner border of the tibia. It’s common to suffer from shin splints once in a while but, the repetitive occurrence can lead to serious issues and develop into chronic.

Easy Ways To Prevent Shin Splints While Walking

Even though they are mostly related to intense physical activities, ‘walking’ can be one of the reasons for them. If you suddenly start walking for a long distance or a long time, there is a high chance of facing the situation. Walking uphill, downhill, hastily or on irregular surfaces can also trigger inflammation along the shinbone area to cause shin splints. One of the general reasons for the liability of condition is having flat feet. Flat feet can cause extreme stress on the tibialis posterior while walking which may cause muscles tissue to retract from the tibia bone.

It’s important to get treatment and not to take shin splints lightly since they can have recurring issues. Depending on the severity, treatment methods and levels can be different. In some case, long time rest can work whereas, in other, it may lead to surgery. That’s why it’s better to follow simple guidelines to prevent the complication. Here are 5 easy ways to prevent shin splints while walking:

5 Easy Ways To Prevent Shin Splints While Walking

1. Select the Shoe that Fits Right

The shoe is the most important factor for walking and preventing shin splints. Try varieties of shoe before selecting the right one. A specific shoe may not be perfect for everybody, thus you need to choose the best one for your feet. It’s easy to find shoes that are specially made for walking purpose. Determine if your feet are flat or arched and purchase shoe accordingly. You can also use shock-absorbing insoles which reduces clash on your shin.

2. Warm up and Stretch the Body Before Walking:

It’s good to have worked out habits like stretching and warming up before advancing to walk. Stretching calves and hamstrings will activate ideal muscle fibers, thus preventing from shin splints. Cross training can also help to prevent the condition since it varies body movement. Cycling, swimming, yoga can help to break your normal daily routine. You can also train to strengthen your lower legs so that they can support your body weight which reduces the probability of having shin splints.

3. Proper Walking Technique

It may sound weird that one needs the proper technique for walking as well. However, an appropriate approach in walking can help a lot in preventing shin splints. While walking, you have to remember to take small steps rather than huge stride.

Striding huge steps can build pressure and create inflammation between tibia and muscle tissues, leading to shin splints. Also, if you avoid landing on the heel and walking too fast, shin splints can be prevented to a certain extent. When you are speed walking, hip rotation also increases and causes pain in lower legs or shins. Thus, it’s better not to take big steps and walk fast in order to stay away from the issue.

Easy Ways To Prevent Shin Splints While Walking

4. Increase the Stamina Slowly:

If you are a laid-back person and don’t walk on a regular basis, try not to push your body for a long walk. You have to build stamina and strength on your lower legs before heading for a long walk. Maintain the same walking area for a few weeks and then gradually increase the distance. This method won’t bring a sudden change in your muscles tissue and hence preventing from shin splints.

5. Maintain a Healthy Body Weight

It’s obvious that a person having a weight issue is unable to walk far as compared to a fit person. More weight means more pressure in lower legs, which leads to knee pain and shin splints as you walk for a long time. That’s why maintaining healthy body weight is very important to make sure you don’t have to face the problem.

Though Shin Splints is a common injury and many are suffering from them, you can take these 5 easy ways to prevent shin splints while walking and you can take simple measures to avoid them.

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