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Facebook To Curb Misinformation On The Covid 19 Vaccines

Curbing vaccine misinformation will be part of Facebook’s main agenda, they announced on Monday. On Monday, the Facebook CEO reiterated they will launch a global campaign to bring 50Million people closer to the vaccine. The CEO said the plans were to boost help the problem infested Covid 19 vaccines. 

Facebook To Curb Misinformation On The Covid 19 Vaccines

This was confirmed through a Facebook post by the CEO. One of the ways the social media giant was going to aid the campaign will be to add labels to posts that discuss COVID-19 vaccines. This will enable additional information from the World Health Organization to stand out. The label notes that the vaccine goes through tests for safety and effectiveness and will accompany any posts before getting approval for posting. The social media giant had also said it would protect the vaccine information by removing a flurry of information that was all over.

Facebook To Curb Misinformation On The Covid 19 Vaccines

Zuckerberg, the Facebook CEO, said the site would provide a tool on the Facebook covid information center that appears on the user’s feed that will show where they can get vaccinated and even provide links to make an appointment vaccination. Already people are using Facebook to make vaccination appointments. Therefore this tool should enable millions of more people to do the same; he said the company has partnered with the Boston Children’s Hospital offering Facebook’s help to people in the U.S. find places nearby to get a vaccine. He further added that the tool would be supported in 71 different languages and expand to other countries soon.

Moreover, the social media giant CEO said. Facebook covid information will bring the tool to Instagram and work with health officials to get the WhatsApp bookings. 

The CEO noted that the government and nonprofit organization sent over 3 billion messages and that WhatsApp could spread information on vaccine centers.

“The CEO said they would be harder on misinformers as the vaccine was known to be safe and it’s Americans’ best shot at getting past the virus.

Facebook’s head of health Kang-Xing Jin, was quoted saying that users who were caught spreading debunked information would be subjected to account removal. They will work to ensure users have confidence in the vaccine. 

We are still a long way from full recovery, but in 2021, we want to support the health officials and leaders in their quest to vaccinate billions of people.

Face book head of health said they will focus on pages that offer misinformation such as the vaccine causes autism and that coronavirus was manmade. Those unproven claims will be shut out, and instead, the social site will provide links on where vaccine-trusted information can be found. That Pages that repeatedly post false information will be blocked as well as the users.

For groups that have violated the rules, the admins and members of those groups will be required to approve posts into the group temporarily. If they are labeled false, then they will be demoted. There will be a third-party fact-checker.

 Facebook will prohibit ads that will discourage people from being vaccinated. However, they never said they would ban posts of users that spread false vaccine information.

The social media company decided this when it came under sharp criticism for not doing enough to stop vaccine falsehoods. 

Facebook also extended its aid of s $120 million in ad credits to help the health ministry’s UN agencies reach billions of people with the correct information.

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