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10 Fitness Games For Kids That Need To Be Try Out!

When we compare our childhood with kids these days, it’s obvious that we used to be physically more active. We used to play different games and run around with friends which were good exercises for us. However, nowadays kids are more into video games, mobiles, and other digital activities. They rarely have time for physical activities when attached to digital games. It’s normal for kids to enjoy digital games and we can’t ban them totally. But, it’s also important to play physical games for a fit and healthy childhood.

10 Fitness Games For Kids

If we are able to make physical activities more fun than usual, kids will have a wonderful time playing those games and get much-needed exercise at the same time. Exercise helps kids to be active both physically and mentally. While playing games, Endorphin (a hormone) is released in the brain which helps to keep them happy, positive and creative as well. To grow as a fit adult, kids need to be engaged in some sorts of physical activities.

10 Fitness Games For Kids

When kids are spending time with their digital games, they don’t feel necessary to communicate with others. On the other hand, when kids are playing games, they become more social; learn leadership skills and work as a team. There are many fun games that can help kids to be fit and happy. So, here are 10 Fitness Games for Kids:

1. Races

Running is one of the best exercises for kids and race is the best way to do it. Gather your child and their friends for a race competition with small prizes on it. You can also add some twist in the racing with rope jumping, sack jumping or any other fun activity.

2. Jump Rope

Jumping a rope is a great way to exercise arms and legs at the same time. Teach your kids how to jump the rope before starting a contest with their friends. You can also do it simultaneously with your kids so that they are more motivated to perform seeing you.

3. Freeze Dance

Dancing is also a good exercise and adding freeze makes it more interesting for kids. When the music is playing, kids have to dance and when the music stops, they have to freeze in their pose and stay still until the music re-starts. Awkward poses while freezing can make kids happy and joyful.

4. Obstacle course


You can create a course that starts from the house and ends in the garden or backyard. You can add furniture or a puzzle that needs to be cleared. This can make the game more exciting and fun to play.

 5. Treasure hunt

Choose a large area for this game. You can hide toys, chocolates or other treats at different places and ask your child to find them. Kids will start the hunt from the first place and with hints on each finding; they will discover all the treasures. Doing so, they will run quite a distance.

6. Walking

If your child can build the habit of walking, it will be easy to keep them fit. Try to walk with your kids while going for grocery, parks or whenever the vehicle is not necessary. If you own a dog, you can also give them the responsibility of walking a dog once in a day.

7. Hula Hooping

One of the intriguing games for kids is hula hooping. Teach them to hula hoop and join with them. They are not going to stop even if you give up.

8. Hopscotch

Kids love to play hopscotch and it can be played both indoor and outdoor. You can use a chalk to draw a hopscotch course on a sidewalk or pavement. Keep on making the course bigger as kids jump with excitement.

9. Balloon Game


Give your kids balloon balls and ask them to keep the balloon from the ground. As the balloon moves from one place to another, your child will run behind it. You can also use balloon balls for a simple catch game.

10. Bubble Pop

It’s a simple yet effective physical activity for kids. Blow out the bubbles and ask your child to pop them. Kids will run around in excitement to pop those bubbles.

It’s significant for kids to do physical activity and play games for an active and healthy growing. The above-mentioned games can contribute a lot to your kid’s fitness. We are sure, you are going to try some of them.

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