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Governor Cuomo Covered Up Covid Deaths

Mayor Bill de Blasio the New York mayor busted the embattled Governor Andrew Cuomo amid calls for his resignation. The governor is being accused of sexual misconduct. The mayor is quoted saying the Democratic governor is “literally in the way of us saving lives” if he stays in office.

Governor Cuomo Covered Up Covid Deaths

De Blasio, a Democrat and a long-time rival of Cuomo’s, said the governor should resign immediately as he’s derailing our effort to fight COVID. The governor is literally in our way of saving lives.

Governor Cuomo Covered Up Covid Deaths

Initially, the government had applauded Cuomo for how he handled the coronavirus crisis in New York. However, he now battles claims of covering up the scale of deaths in nursing homes in the state. His administration decided to cover up the ends and enacted a policy that exacerbated the spread of COVID-19 among residents of group homes and long-term care facilities. To add salt to injury, the governor is also facing a series of sexual misconduct claims.

Last week De Blasio called for Cuomo to resign, and the calls for the governor to resign have continued to grow louder. Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Senator Kirsten Gellibrand, New York’s two senators, and most House Democrats from New York’s congressional designation believe Cuomo should step down. And New York’s two senators. However, Cuomo has rejected those calls and has continued to deny the allegations. 

He said he was elected by the people and not by politicians and so he would not bow down to pressure. De Blasio went ahead to accuse the governor of an Imperial governorship saying Cuomo is used to having things his way.

He said the people no longer believed in the governor, and an impeachment motion will soon be tabled. He said the governor had lost credibility. De Blasio also said he believes Cuomo tried to hide the number of nursing-home deaths to protect him and the donors. By doing these, he was watching his public image and his political future. Nothing was in the interest of the people. The hospitals and nursing home industry gave him millions, and so he went easy on them. De Blasio said that when the investigations are carried out, it will show he acted in his interest.

New York hits the first anniversary of its first case on March 1, 2020, and its early death a week later. However, de Blasio did not shut down bars, restaurants, schools and gyms, and other social places until two weeks after its first case. Tom Frieden, the former Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, told the New York Times that had the safety measures and guidelines been enacted a week or two earlier, there would have been a reduction of the coronavirus’s death toll by 50% to 80%.

The mayor blamed the governor, saying that had they had placed a shelter in place order for New York City residents, it would have been more powerful. When De Blasio called for it, the governor refused to say it would be like imprisoning New Yorkers. The mayor said they had an opportunity, and they lost it. The mayor had wanted to have a shelter in place. Blasio is blaming state leaders for not giving enough vaccine dosages to New York City. This he said in the wake of a new strain of the virus. It is critical now, particularly as the new coronavirus strain has been found circulating in New York. The new virus has been seen to, one which has show resistance to antibody treatments and the vaccine. He said New York has to speed up with the vaccinations to protect the people.

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