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The Improvement In COVID Numbers May Be Fooling The US, Say Experts

The numbers of COVID 19 may be declining in the country. This is definitely a solace after one year of suffering. But the US is expecting thousands of deaths in the coming months. Experts warn that time has not yet come for the country to relax.

The Improvement In COVID Numbers May Be Fooling The US, Say Experts

The US is being fooled by the improvement in the number of COVID 19 cases, experts say. They describe the situation as follows:

The Improvement In COVID Numbers May Be Fooling The US, Say Experts

People will see that as they come to the summer, the numbers of COVID 19 are declining. They will start feeling that they are great. But then, if the country does not attain 80% immunity either through the infection or through the vaccine, there will happen a surge during the winter.

For the past week, the country has an average of 56,240 cases a day. This is the lowest since October. And the number of deaths has been 1,437. This is the lowest since November 19.

Vaccination drive, in the meantime, is gaining momentum. As per the estimates from Friday, over 101 million jabs have been administered. According to CDC, up to 10% of the US population has received the two doses of the vaccine. At least 20% has received at least the first dose, the agency estimates. But if the situation remains like this, up to 23000 people will die due to COVID 19 by April. Despite this warning, several States have relaxed restrictions, including the requirement of masks. This will create a situation when people infected with new variants of the virus may move around. They may transmit the same to others. Thus a panel of experts has made this dire prediction. 22,000 deaths may be added to the current estimate. By July, the panel predicts 600,000 deaths in total. This is much higher than that of the number recorded at present, 500000.

The country’s next step will impact its trajectory in the times ahead. According to an expert, the months of March and April are critical. On one side, one person may have a dangerously contagious variant of the virus. He may move around circulating it to others. On the other side, the country’s vaccination drive is gaining speed. The country now wants the patience to give the vaccine a chance to immunize the people and prevent another surge.

Coronavirus demands humility

If you are vaccinated, CDC has its updated guidelines for you. It still recommends refraining from travel. The agency even replies to the question if it has gone too far. According to it, the country needs to be humble here. Whenever the country felt that the pandemic has come under control, it saw a surge.

One year after the pandemic shut down most parts of the country, 98000000 doses of vaccines have been distributed. According to CDC, one in ten Americans has received two doses of the vaccine. One in five Americans, almost 64000000 people, has received at least the first dose.

During his address on Thursday, President Biden announced that all adults in the country would become eligible for the vaccine by May 1. By July 4, you, your family and your neighbor will be vaccinated. And you can celebrate in small groups.

Remember, getting your shot is not the ticket to vaccination. It is a way to open theaters, offices, malls, get people back on flights and gather together in small groups. By next month, the country will have a fourth vaccine. The data on phase 3 trials of AstraZeneca will be available in the weeks ahead. The company will file for emergency use authorization afterward. The vaccine is already available in European countries like the UK.

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