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Long-Lasting Effects Of Covid-19

It has been more than a year since the Covid-19 disease emerged. It took no time to spread across multiple nations. Strict Steps were taken to curb the problems that were created, but still, all those efforts showed very less impact. Countries went under lockdown and people stayed at home but still, the invisible demon crippled us in the worst possible way.

Long-Lasting Effects Of Covid-19

After a year we are still dealing with the virus and also its variants. Some countries like France and the United Kingdom still have strict restrictions imposed on their citizens. The only good news is that most countries have started the administration of the vaccine shots, but the effects of the vaccine would only be seen when it is administered to a large number of people and herd immunity is developed.

Long-Lasting Effects Of Covid-19

After the patients are getting recovered from this grave disease something unusual is being seen. The recovered patients are seeing significant damage to vital organs of the body. The worst affected are the lungs and the heart. When the virus had emerged, it was very clear that it was putting strain on the respiratory functions of the body but it was assumed that it would last only for the time being.

But new studies on the recovered patients have revealed that the Lungs have suffered terrible damage due to the virus and it is not possible to restore the normal functionalities of the organ. There were also reports of significant kidney failure due to the coronavirus disease. This is very concerning that even after the pandemic will be over these health implications would last forever in the recovered patients. This means the virus will scar you for life if the necessary precautions are not taken at the right time.

The same results were proven when it was done in the United Kingdom. The researchers said that there was very severe organ damage seen in many patients who were recovering or have recovered from the Covid-19 virus. The damage was seen in the most important organs of the human body that are the lungs, heart, kidney, and liver. The patients who had no comorbidities before getting infected with the Covid-19 disease came out of the hospitals with serious ailments or organ damage that can cost them their lives if not today maybe in the coming times.

This is the harsh reality of coronavirus disease. People have lost their loved ones to the virus and are now suffering themselves as well due to the serious health issues that have arisen due to the Covid-19 disease.

The data collected during these researches are more revealing and are putting forward the grieve conditions of the current times. More than 47,000 patients were examined under this study and almost all of them had severe health problems after recovering from the Covid-19 disease. They all were suffering from severe organ damage and some of them even landed on the transplant list. You can understand the impact of the coronavirus on human lives after witnessing such cases.

It also tells us that if you have not been infected yet, you need to stay safe and follow all the precautions because this virus is no joke. This comes after all the research work and efforts that have been put in by the experts for helping us find the conclusions of where this virus will end.

Until then it is advisable to take care of yourselves and your loved ones. This too shall pass. Health Experts are doing their level best to keep us all informed and well educated during these times.

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