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Mississippi’s Last Abortion Center A Topic Of US Debate

Situated in an eclectic neighborhood of Mississippi’s capital, a loud pink building goes by various names. To those anti-abortion protesters whose voices have created a vibration, it is just an abortion mill. Meanwhile, to those working and volunteering at the last abortion center of Mississippi, this center is known to be the last safe center in Mississippi for women who choose to have an abortion. 

Mississippi’s Last Abortion Center A Topic Of US Debate

As we now know, the only abortion clinic in Mississippi is on the verge of shutting and it surely is, as we know, is facing massive challenges. As per the US Supreme Court, on Monday, arguments will be heard this fall, over a Mississippi law where abortions shall be limited to after 15 weeks of pregnancy. This seems like a clear case of how far can a court, that was remade under the former US President Donald Trump, is willingly wanting to go to limit the right to abortion. 

Mississippi's Last Abortion Center A Topic Of US Debate

The health care providers at the Jackson’s Health Organization do not normally perform an abortion after 16 weeks. But as per Shannon Brewer, the clinic director, justifying the ban would, in turn, put a lot more restrictions by lawmakers, possibly in conservative statuses. The 2018 Mississippi law has been held up due to the court fight. It wouldn’t have a huge impact on who prefers to receive an abortion if justices allow it to take effect. 

As the number of clinics has declined and stricter laws have been enacted by the US, several women have crossed borders just to get an abortion. The associated press has a 2019 analysis that found at least 276,000 women aborted outside their home state between the years 2012- 2017. Abortion in women considerably rose in areas of the Midwest, South & Mountain West due to the lack of abortion clinics in their state. They found it easier and quicker to conduct an abortion there. 

As per a woman who has terminated two pregnancies at the clinic, says she has no absolute regrets over those decisions of her. At that time, she stated she was in her 30’s and did what is best for herself and the unborn child. She and another woman at the clinic remembered their stories where one had been raped by her father, the other woman was raped by her boss, and another one was in medical school. Unfortunately, no doctors are willing to conduct abortions in Mississippi. 5 out-of-state doctors route through Jackson, whereas some patients travel down from small towns. 

One of the frequent presence in front of the Pink Building is Doug Lane, where he constantly tries to persuade women and girls as well to do without abortion. He says all he and his protesters are doing is practicing free speech rights, and they state they would sometime’s changed a woman’s mind. He says he has a right to be heard even though we are disagreed to and agreed to by anybody. During a recent time, families sitting at one of the restaurants that sit directly across the clinic ate outside in a cluster of tables that were no more than 20 feet from a few children that were sitting silently, holding hands, saying that they are the ambassadors of Jesus Christ. Another woman was seen holding a sign that said to end abortion

There was an attempt made to lower the noise created outside medical facilities, by the Jackson City Council, in 2019. As per few council members, there were complaints about the activities that were held outside the abortion clinic, but the city was seen to back down and reversed the ordinance a year later as a lawsuit challenged the rule. 

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