Myths And Facts On COVID-19 And Reinfection

A sudden unexpected surge of the global pandemic sent the whole world into confusion and devastation. 

Despite vaccines and strict safety protocols, there have been reports of patients being reinfected. 

Myths And Facts On COVID-19 And Reinfection

This has led many to be skeptical about the vaccine’s effectiveness along with the spread of various myths and theories. 

With the rising number of cases, it is natural to be tempted to believe them. But before you do, let me help you sort it out!

Myths And Facts On COVID-19 And Reinfection

Myth 1: The former fever which recovered was actually Covid-19 

This is probably one of the biggest myths that were passed around in the initial days of the pandemic. 

So many people who had a fever or cold during this period were worried about the fact that it must have been due to the coronavirus but they luckily recovered. And that is a big NO! This theory has been proven wrong by Frank Esper who is a pediatric infectious disease specialist. 

He states that it is quite immature to make self-assumptions that you might have suffered from Covid-19 without any tests. There are various viruses with the same symptoms as SARS-CoV-2. 

Esper suggests that it might have possibly been the flu or any other viral infections such as the adenovirus. 

He said that it is quite difficult to differentiate between the adenovirus and coronavirus and therefore it is unnecessary to assume you might be suffering from Covid-19. 

Myth 2: One can get infected by Covid-19 only once

There are constant doubts on this one. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that there have been reports of a second viral contraction but these cases are quite rare. 

Dr.Frank Esper also commented on this situation by stating that although one might be reinfected, the symptoms are likely to remain mild as the immune system has the necessary antibodies to fight the virus for the second time. 

But it doesn’t mean the person is safe and that he/she might become a carrier and easily spread the virus.Last year, Hong Kong reported the case of reinfection where a man who was previously infected in March and recovered in April was tested Covid positive again in August. 

He was diagnosed with mild symptoms as his immune system was actively fighting against the virus. 

Experts state that it is uncertain as to how long the Covid-19 vaccine will protect a person from enduring infection again. This is why it is mandatory to go for a second dose to maintain immunity. 

Myth 3: Herd immunity can be achieved through community spread

You must have wondered if it makes any sense. First off, to achieve herd immunity, the whole group needs to be protected against the virus.

It requires every individual in the group to be immune to the virus without any transmission.Also, it has to be noted that it is unclear whether the vaccine protects the person from future infection. 

If it does not provide lasting immunity, the possibility of achieving herd immunity is questionable. And even if the vaccine provides 100% lasting protection from the virus, a massive number of people would require to be infected to attain collective immunity. 

Studies show that an estimated 70% of the United States population needs to be fully recovered from the infection to end or at least pause the pandemic. 

But a large number of people getting infected at the same time could lead to millions of deaths and various long-term complications. The Healthcare system would be in shambles and the only thing that remains would be community deaths instead of herd immunity. 

Myth 4: Avoid hospitals to prevent virus contraction 

It is common knowledge as resenting from medical help can risk your life. In case of any emergencies, it is crucial to contact the healthcare experts immediately, and therefore avoiding hospitals in such cases can result in serious consequences. 

I understand it can be scary to visit the hospital during a pandemic but with the right safety measures of masks, sanitizers, and social distancing, you needn’t worry! 

And if there isn’t an emergency and you only need medical advice, you may call your health specialist to ask whether it is mandatory to visit the hospital or clinic. 

Myth 5: Drinking water will get rid of the viral particles in the throat

Science provides numerous facts on the benefits of drinking water regularly and how vital it is for the healthy functioning of the body. But the same science has never confirmed that water can help treat the novel coronavirus. 

The theory is that water washes down the viral particles to the stomach where it is killed by the stomach acid. 

To be honest, science never said it and neither should people. Water is meant to provide your body with nutrient compounds and not preventing the entry of viruses into your lungs. 

However, water can restrict you from getting infected which is when you use it for washing hands. Drinking sufficient water regularly is crucial to remain hydrated and healthy.  

Myth 6: A negative covid test requires no quarantine 

This is another common myth being preached. Quarantine is aimed to maintain strict distancing from others by the virus-exposed person for a particular time period. 

A negative test doesn’t mean you needn’t quarantine or it’s only for a short period.To help you understand better, the reason you attained a negative test was that your sample didn’t have the necessary high viral levels. But you are likely to act as a carrier. 

Whether your covid test has been positive or negative, it is important to follow the guidelines set by your doctor or local public health center. 

To conclude…

With the rising variants and infection cases, the pandemic is likely to last for a couple more years, and the best way to end it is to start taking individual action by following the safety measures and attaining timely vaccination. 

Various other myths such as masks cause breathing problems are quite absurd as the medical sector has been using masks for centuries without enduring any such issues. CDC recommends the option of cloth masks for better breathing. 

Theories and myths can be circulated easily. But all it takes is for you to fact-check the information and educate others as well. 

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