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New Daily Cases Below 1,000 For The First Time In A While

After more than 3 months of the Biden Administration’s vaccination drive, the stats paint an optimistic picture against the race with coronavirus. As of the present moment, over 70% of Americans aged 65 or older have received at least a single dose of the vaccine, with the daily Covid induced death dipping below 1000 for the first time since November. 

New Daily Cases Below 1,000 For The First Time In A While

The administration has ramped up its efforts to get more and more Americans vaccinated, with the White House announcing 27 million additional doses of the single and double shots vaccines to be distributed across the country. At least a dozen states have made vaccination eligible for all adults, while other states are planning to follow suit soon.

New Daily Cases Below 1,000 For The First Time In A While

However, top health officials still believe that there are miles to go before celebrating victory. Dr Anthony Fauci, the country’s top infectious disease expert, is one of those. 

One of the most vocal figures throughout the pandemic, Fauci likened the situation to a boxing gig, stating that the US might still be ‘at the corner’, and whether they can ‘turn the corner remains to be seen!

He said that the number of new cases still remains at a high of 50,000 on a daily basis. 

As per data from the John Hopkins University, the country is presently overseeing a high level of daily new infections, with numbers reaching 50,000 per day. This mid-week, the US reached 30 million confirmed cases of the novel Coronavirus, with deaths due to the virus looming at 545,000. 

Over the world, new variants of the virus are spreading second waves in most European countries, while Brazil is facing the worst situation with more than 3,000 deaths in a single day. 

The continent has suffered due to the setback of AstraZeneca’s shots. Many countries either halted or completely cancelled the distribution of the vaccines due to reports that AstraZeneca’s shots were causing blood clots in patients. 

Many countries still support AstraZeneca’s refute to these claims, causing a bifurcation within the EU and a growing number of cases within the continent. 

Health officials within the US have repeatedly warned about removing public health safety guidelines, and lifting the mask mandates by states could lead to another surge in the virus. 

One of those voicing their fears is Dr Eric Topol, head of the Scripps Research Translational Institute, who understands the threat due to lifting the mask mandates, a resurgence of air travel and gathering of the spring break crowds in Florida. 

He said that these reopenings could dampen their chances of containing the virus. 

As per data from the CDC, the country has fully vaccinated more than 43% of Americans aged 65 or older, who are also the most vulnerable age group against the Coronavirus. Across the nation, the number of daily shots are up to 2.5 million shots to 3 million shots, with the number of adults being admitted into emergency rooms also lessening by the day. 

There are positive signs across the US. Minnesota declared no Covid deaths in a day for the first time in more than a year, while New Orleans also showed signs of optimistic progress. 

The number of deaths is at a low of 940 per day, while Mr Fauci asserted that the virus had negligible effects on people who have been fully vaccinated. 

The Biden administration declared that every state in the US has to make all adults eligible for vaccinations from May 1. About a dozen states like Arizona, Texas Georgia, have opened up vaccinations for everyone over 16, while other states are due to follow in the next couple of weeks. 

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