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Pandemic Has Reminded Us That Personal Health Is Important

The pandemic period has thrown a blinding light on the failure of too many Americans to follow the scientific principles of staying fit by maintaining personal health and well-being. In today’s scenario, there are many reasons why this country i.e America, which is one of the richest and highly developed countries, has suffered so much owing to deaths and infections due to Covid-19 as compared to less equipped and poor countries. 

Pandemic Has Reminded Us That Personal Health Is Important

Senior Americans have been more particularly infected by this novel coronavirus. When cases peaked in December last year, Covid-19 became the main cause of death in the country, deadlier than diseases of heart and cancer.

Pandemic Has Reminded Us That Personal Health Is Important

But while nothing can be done to stop this, one can look at the causes which led to an upsurge of a pandemic.  The prime reason is that most Americans suffer due to their misguided reliance on medicine to heal their self-inflicted wounds.

Another factor is obesity in old age because of an unhealthy lifestyle and lack of exercise. It is the second risk factor for death among people infected severely with Covid-19. To be precise, seventy percent of the American population is overweight, and almost more than a third suffer from obesity. Other than that high blood pressure and Type 2 diabetes which are an outcome of excess weight, which in turn is the result of no exercise and unhealthy dietary habits contributed to this upsurge. 

Several people put on pounds and pounds of weight by sitting at home during lockdown last year and idling their time instead of utilizing free time to build their health. They did not consume a nutritious plant-based diet not because they couldn’t afford it but because they did not think it necessary. They also did not follow the regime of exercising regularly within or outside the home. That’s why many people who are still in their early fifties unexpectedly qualified for the shots by having the underlying health condition of obesity.

A  poll conducted for the American Psychological Association in February showed that about forty-two percent of residents of America had gained at an average twenty-nine “pandemic pounds,” thereby increasing their Covid risk.

Tom Vilsack, the Secretary of Agriculture, last week put it bluntly in Politico Pro’s Morning Agriculture newsletter that we cannot have this level of obesity, diabetes, and chronic diseases as it might cripple the United States. 

Of course, in recent times the policies of the department Mr. Vilsack now heads, have greatly contributed to Americans’ getting their hands on inexpensive foods that build unwholesome calories in the body and damage their health. Two such examples: The government has given a subsidy on the production of both corn and soybeans and, most of which is used to feed livestock.

Hence livestock production is a major contribution to not only global warming but also much of its output ends up often as inexpensive,  highly processed junk food that prompts people to overeat and thus raise their risk of developing obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and kidney disease. But the government does not roll out subsidies on vegetables and fruits that can fight the disorders that make people more vulnerable to the coronavirus.

As Mr. Vilsack said that now the time has come for Americans to transform themselves by the transformation of the food system in this country and thereby bringing about a radical change in the lifestyle and health of people of the States in an accelerated way. Besides Americans should not undermine the role of exercise in making the body fit and healthy.  This is a major way of controlling coronavirus. 

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