How To Prevent Sleep Deprivation In High School Students

Is there any remedy for sleep deprivation in high school students? Did you ever think once that what exactly is keeping high schools students up so late? Sadly, as per researches, teenage sleep deprivation statistics show that just about 8 percent of high school students get enough sleep on an average school night. Rest of the others are living on a borderline and are said to sleep deficits.

How to Prevent Sleep Deprivation in High School Students?

Effects of sleep deprivation on students lead to daytime drowsiness, headaches, depression along with a poor performance at school. High school students are more prone to sleep deprivation as the student’s progress towards high school, the increment of family obligations, homework, jobs and social activities also increase. Due to the delayed sleep patterns, the body of high school students tells them that it is still the middle of the night and which affects their body pattern. Teenage sleep deprivation statistics showcases that adolescents need more than nine hours of sleep per night but about two third of high school students sleeps eight hours of sleep and rest others are just under 6 hours category.

remedies for sleep deprivation in high school students

What is sleep deprivation?

Sleep is considered as one of the most important parts of the day as it serves to re-energize the body cells and support learning and memory. Insufficient sleep, disruptions to sleep-wake cycle and inadequate quality of sleep are some examples of sleep deprivations and which leads to sleepiness and fatigue in mostly all, especially high school students. Sleep deprivation is a kind of insomnia, or we can say the inability to fall asleep soundly. It is considered as the general sleep disorder of either not able to sleep or else to wake up in the middle of the night and then not able to fall asleep again. Nowadays the effects of sleep deprivation on teenage brain can be observed. Effects of sleep deprivation on high school students are getting worse day by day as it increases the risk of many negative consequences like the inability to concentrate, drowsy driving incidents, depression, anxiety and in the worse case thoughts of suicide.

Sleep deprivation in students causes

It is very important to get a good sleep to succeed. But in real life, there are many high school students who don’t get enough sleep, and when they sleep, they do not get quality sleep at all. Effects of sleep deprivation on teenage brain show a direct impact on their overall performances. Effects of sleep deprivation on high school students are getting worse day by day and are also putting stress on student’s physical as well as emotional health. There are many teenage sleep deprivation solutions, but before that, you should understand the causes of sleep deprivations in high school students. Below we have listed some causes of sleep deprivation in high school students which should be taken into consideration:

  • Stress

The main cause of sleep deprivation in high school students is stress. Sleep deprivation in high school students statistics shows that the combined demands of clubs, classes, and many extracurricular activities put a lot of stress on the high school student’s shoulders. Owing to this students have to sacrifice their sleep to complete everything on time. It is said that homework and sleep deprivation are also connected with each other.

  • Environment

The environment also affects sleep patterns of high school students today. The environment is also one of the major factors which prove the effects of sleep deprivation on the teenage brain. Students living in a dorm or else in a campus along with loud music and noisy neighbors also affect students sleep. It is very hard for high school students to get a restful sleep.

  • Freedom

Giving more freedom to high school students also cause sleep deprivation. However, in their free time may students opt to stay up late to socialize more and to enjoy their dorm life?

sleep deprivation in high school students remedies

Ways to prevent sleep deprivation in students?

As per studies high school students who do not get enough sleep often suffer from sleep deprivation and which affects their mental as well as physical health. There are ways to prevent this sleep deprivation problem in high school students. Let’s have a look at them:

  • Make a proper schedule

High school students should stick to a proper schedule to balance their work-life balance. It is one of the best teenage sleep deprivation solutions which should be considered. Parents should help their children to make a proper schedule to prevent sleep deprivation.

  • Make bedtime a screen-free zone

Parents should make their children’s bedtime a screen-free zone to help them to sleep better. The lights from the back lit screens from the electronics stimulate the brain and which lead to difficulty in sleeping. Limit their screen exposures to prevent sleep deprivation in high school students.

  • Offer bright light in the morning

Parents should offer bright light to their tens eyes as it will signal the brain to wake up. Offering this bright light via household lights or else opening the curtains helps your children to make up a right sleep-wake rhythm.

  • Cut to caffeine and alcohol

This coffee culture nowadays is one of the major sleep deprivation causes. Coffee is increasing the problem of sleep deprivation in high school students. In case your teen is facing sleep deprivation issues then you should watch out for caffeine and alcohol as how much they are drinking. Caffeine actually keeps the body alert and makes it more restless.

  • Exercise and workout

The regular exercise routine will also help to prevent sleep deprivation in high school students. Exercise will make you sleep easily as it boosts your immune system and is a great de-stresser.

It is said that sleep can’t wait until you are dead. So apply the above-mentioned ways to prevent sleep deprivation in high school students. These sleep deprivation solutions will for sure help you a lot to get a perfect bedtime routine and will prevent from sleep deprivation consequences. Keep in mind that nothing can replace the benefits that sleep provides so give priority to sleep and make time for sleep and relaxation to which will be one of the best teenage sleep deprivation solutions too.

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