10 Signs You Are Having A Girl Baby – Signs To Watch Out For!

As a mamma-to-be one of the biggest thought about the little bundle of joy inside of her is that if the baby is a boy or a girl. From thinking of baby names to choosing the kind of dress to set up the baby’s room, I know anyone who has had a baby and who is expecting a baby can relate. So how does one find out if your baby is a pretty little girl or a cute little boy? That’s exactly what you are going to find out through my article “10 Signs You are having a girl baby”. Turns out that some of the predictions are actually real. Here am going share with you 10 such prediction that is going to tell you if you are actually going to have a pretty little baby girl.

 Signs You Are Having A Girl Baby

Initially, even I thought and even my common sense screamed to me that all these predictions can never be accurate and could be just old wives tales. But guess what some of these tales are indeed true and certain symptoms when closely observed indicate that you’ll be a proud mom of a baby girl. As good as that sound, it’s actually true. Keep reading- 10 Signs You are having a girl baby,  to know more.

Yes! It’s actually possible to predict if you are carrying a girl without ultrasound, the tips that I am going to give you are more scientific than folklore. Ok, enough of small talk- let’s get started.


  1. Extremely Fluctuating Mood Swings

When you are pregnant it’s overs that your hormones are all over the place and mood swings are common. But when you are carrying a baby girl the estrogen levels in your body makes these mood swings more prominent and extreme. So the moodier you are the better chances are that you are carrying a girl baby.

  1. Extreme Morning Sickness

Girls certainly are high maintenance! This fact has been proven to be true for many of them some of who personally know. Severe morning sickness is a sign of having a girl. This theory is backed up by science, back in the year 2017 a study showed that women carrying girls experience more inflammation, this is because women carrying girl babies are more exposed to bacteria in the immune systems than those who carry a boy baby.  Also as far as I have known people have carried baby girls generally have a not so smooth pregnancy journey as they tend to fall sick all the time.

  1. Gaining Weight in the Midsection

If a woman gains lots of weight around her middle during pregnancy, this could suggest that she is carrying a baby girl. Also carrying gain on the front along could mean that it’s a baby boy. But to this theory, there is a small catch. The weight gain in most cases cannot be identified since it can be difficult as different won’t have different body shapes.

  1. The Position of Carrying the Baby

If you are carrying the baby high, then it’s often associated with the sign of having a girl.  But here to like the other cases the issues it the body type of the women. It could vary from person to person. The position of carrying the baby depends on the women’s fitness level, muscle strength, weight gain, and body type.

  1. Sweet Cravings

Experiencing cravings during pregnancy is very common. If a woman craves sugar or any kind of sweet cravings it’s generally categorized as carrying a baby girl. It is mainly due to the hormonal changes in the body while carrying a girl.

  1. Baby’s Rapid Heartbeat

If the baby’s heart beats rapidly there are changes that it could be a baby girl if there are no other underlying issues. Some medical doctors totally oppose this judgment because the heartbeat rate of the baby could as vary depending on various reasons.

  1. Stress Levels

Apart from extreme mood swings, the stress level of women carrying a baby girl could also be high. A study carried out in 2012 support the fact that stress level is rather influenced by the baby’s sex. The ration between the stress hormone cortisol and the male to female birth ratio is actually shown to be connected. Also in the study, women with high levels of cortisol were statistically more likely to have a baby girl. This is further supported by the finding from the 2013 earthquake in Zakynthos, a Greek island. After the quake, the male birth rate dropped. This by scientists is suspected to be increased stress levels among the island’s community.

  1. Oily Skin and Dull Hair

Though the girl babies are cute and supposed to be all shiny and come with beautiful hair, giving birth o them doesn’t do that good for the moms. If a momma to face is oil and the hair look dull- it’s shown as a sign you are having a baby girl.  But there is a catch with this theory, as I previously mentioned every women’s body is different and in some women, natural hormonal changes in the body during pregnancy can lead to excessive oil production in the skin.

  1. The Baking Powder Test

This is one of the most popular tricks that is believed to be fairly accurate. A magical trick right from your kitchen cabinet. All you will need is a disposable glass, add a tablespoon of baking powder, and a little add in your urine. If the solution frizzes up then you have a boy and if nothing happens when you are having a girl.

  1.  Breast Size

Your breast may be carrying the answers to your question, When the left breast appears slightly bigger than the right one, it means a girl. This is one of the basic symptoms of girl baby during pregnancy

I hope this article on 10 Signs You are having a girl baby, helped you predetermine the sex of your baby. It’s ok if your intentions are cool but all one should pray is to have a healthy baby. Be it a boy or girls, nothing comes across happiness as being giving birth to a new life.

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