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Has Your Skin Become Prone To Break-Outs Recently? You Might Be Suffering From Maskne!

What is maskne?

Maskne as a term has popularized over the last few months. It refers to acne that occurs as a result of prolonged use of face masks. 

In the present scenario of a global pandemic (Covid 19) face masks have become an essential part of daily attire. But they can have very damaging effects on the skin. Apart from acne, other skin conditions are also flaring up due to constant friction with the fabric of face masks. 

Has Your Skin Become Prone To Break-Outs Recently? You Might Be Suffering From Maskne!

Symptoms of maskne

All skin conditions arising out of face mask usage are termed as maskne. It includes:

  • Face masks often cause sweat, sebum and dirt to get trapped in. This blocks the pores of the skin and leads to acne and rashes. Blackheads, whiteheads and pimples become all the more visible. 
  • Folliculitis is a common infection of the hair follicles. Face masks are increasing incidences of folliculitis of the fine facial hair follicles. Its symptoms include small bumps that are itchy and painful.
  • Rosacea is a skin condition characterized by redness and swelling of patches of skin. Face masks cause this condition to become even more apparent.
  • Prolonged use of masks with unsuitable or rough fabrics can cause contact dermatitis. It leads to irritated, itchy and bumpy skin. Masks can even lead to a kind of eczema known as atopical dermatitis where the skin gets dry and itchy. 
Has Your Skin Become Prone To Break-Outs Recently? You Might Be Suffering From Maskne!

There are many more symptoms of maskne. But in the present scenario wearing a mask is essential for our own well-being as well as for the good of the entire society. So the only solution to maskne is to consult a dermatologist and use some basic skincare and hygiene tips.

Tips to reduce maskne 

  • It is very important to keep your skin clean in order to prevent breakouts and infections. After wearing a mask for hours, use a gentle cleanser to wash out the dirt and dead skin that was trapped underneath your mask.
  • It is also very important to moisturize your skin. Smooth, hydrated skin will have less friction with the mask and your skin will be less irritated. But anyone with skin conditions should always consult a dermatologist before using any products on their skin.
  • Another simple tip to protect your skin from maskne is to wear a clean mask. Masks accumulate lots of dirt and dust from the outside. On the inside too they end up with layers of oils and dead cells. Regularly washing the mask will keep you safe from viruses as well as keep your skin healthy and protected.
  • It is also important to remember that a good mask is essential to protect your skin. Choose a mask that fits the contours of your face comfortably. A mask that is too tight or one that is too loose will cause a lot of unnecessary friction and irritate your skin.

But while it is essential to choose a mask that fits you comfortably, it is important not to compromise with the virus-fighting capabilities of the mask. Nothing is more important than our own health and the health of loved ones. 

At present, almost everyone is suffering from maskne to some extent. Skin conditions and acne can be painful and embarrassing to deal with. But they can be managed with proper care. Dermatologists are now giving online consultations and better fit and better quality masks are becoming available that provide the same protection with better comfort. Remember that maskne can be managed, but a virus cannot. Wear your mask and follow some basic guidelines to keep your skin healthy and glowing underneath its layers of protection. 

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