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Stimulus Checks Coming Soon!

The country is waiting for vaccination and stimulus checks with bated breath. According to experts, there is good news coming. The stimulus payment will reach your bank accounts very soon. The US hopes to have better control over the pandemic. As per the analysis, a new normal is on the horizon. Within a few weeks, the federal government would be more liberal in its COVID 19 guidelines. The instances of the pandemic are on the decline. More and more people are being vaccinated. However, health professionals warn that the easing of restrictions should be done in phases. Otherwise, the country is at risk of another lockdown. This, they will have to do to prevent a relapse to the past year. According to one health professional, this is the time when America needs Trump. A recent poll suggests that 41% of the republicans believe that they would not get any of the three available vaccines. When it comes to the Democrats, the number of those who doubt is just 15%. Trump should come and persuade the doubting Democrats to receive the jabs. According to them, it is a must. The numbers he gave the country is truly terrifying. Given the present scenario, it does not make any sense. According to him, health issues should be free from political affiliations.

Stimulus Checks Coming Soon!

  • Up to 25% of the population in Chili has received at least one dose of the vaccine. This makes it the leader in Latin America. Just three countries, the UK, Israel and the US, have reached a higher point.
  • The COVID 19 pandemic forced the country to cancel the NCAA men’s basketball tournament last year. In 2021, it is back.
  • Almost a dozen counties in California woke up to the announcement that the government is easing restrictions on businesses. The officials relaxed the requirements to move away from the most restricted zones. This, they did, to facilitate increase vaccination.
Stimulus Checks Coming Soon!

Today’s chart for the country: The US has almost 30000000 confirmed instances of coronavirus and more than 534,000 deaths. Globally, the number of confirmed cases is more than 120000000. And the deaths will come up to 2.6 million. 135000000 doses of the vaccine have been distributed all through the US. 106000000 doses have been administered.

In the meantime, Duke University has been placed under lockdown. Undergraduate students are asked to stay in isolation. 108 students tested COVID positive and are in isolation. Another 200 students are asked to stay in quarantine due to having contact with the infected. Students are concerned about their semesters.

There has also been news about COVID stimulus payments being deposited in the wrong bank accounts. This creates a situation when people have to wait for days after struggling for the same during the pandemic.

Certain tax-payers checked their bank accounts for the direct stimulus payment. And to their surprise, the four digits of their account numbers were wrong. They came to know it when they checked their accounts on the Internal Revenue Service portal. It happened during the first two rounds of the direct payments due to third-party tax-preparers faced technical issues. This caused much delay for many trying to file their taxes.

One among them told a news channel that he is quite frustrated. He has been waiting for these stimulus checks to pay off his bills. For another, there is a steady income from social security. Still, she needed it to take care of her medical expenses.

Knowing when your third installment of payment will arrive is now a breeze. The IRS portal has updated its tool with information in this regard. The third round will be based on the tax-payers returns filed for 2020 or 2019.

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