5 Tips To Fashionably Refurbish Your Wardrobe – Must Try

You might be wishing to start off your new year without making any more fashion mistakes or spending money on random one-time-use clothes. Have you ever thought of refurbishing your wardrobe, not only would it be fashionable but can also help you save a lot of money. This article is on 5 Tips to fashionably refurbish your wardrobe.

Evergreen Tips To Fashionably Refurbish Your Wardrobe!

We all have old clothes that we bought instinctively but never got to use more than once, so what are you going to do about those- mine has been sitting in the back of my wardrobe for a long time now. I couldn’t wear them nor could I think of throwing them away as they were practically new. But, it doesn’t have to be that way, if you are thinking about revamping. My article on 5 Tips to fashionably refurbish your wardrobe will also help those of you in love with the touch and feel of a particular dress and somehow don’t want to discard it even if it doesn’t fit you anymore.

Tips to Fashionably Refurbish Your Wardrobe

Here are 5 Tips to fashionably refurbish your wardrobe and, let’s start by looking into ways to modify your worn out or old outfits into something more meaningful that you can carry on wearing in the present day.

let’s get started on the tips:

#Tip 1: Old tee revamp with iron-on hem tape to make a cutouts

With this method you can do anything on your t-shirt, it could be a bird, a plain, an animal or anything of your choice. You will need,

  • An old t-shirt,  a shirt or a jacket of your choice.
  • any colored lace of your choice
  • sewing machine, fabric glue or iron-on hem tape
  • A pair of scissors
  • Iron box
  • A picture of   any shape you want to insert
  • A marker pen

Turn your shirt inside out and place the cutout picture on your shirt at the place where you desire the cut out be placed. Trace the shape using the marker pen.  Cut the shape out on your t-shirt. On top of the cutout place the lace and either sew it, stick it or paste it as you wish. Turn the t-shirt inside out, your brand new stylish t-shirt, perfect for the summers is ready

Note: Remember which direction you want the shape facing when your shirt is turned right side out again.

#Tip 2: Old is Gold

Vintage clothes are always in and always classic, it all matters on how you wear it. Wear the outfit of your mother or even better your grandmother but paring it with a mini skirt or boyfriend jeans. I once wore my grandmoms maxi dress with my ripped jeans and converse, I sure did get some good complements. Otherwise, you can try something fresh as well as cute, for example,  take an old granny sweater on as you would wear a skirt, the neck of the sweater would stay put on your waist, grab the sleeves and wrap it like a belt and tie it into a bow on the front or the side as you like. Tadaa! There you go- chick and classy.

#Tip 3: Trim last year’s shorts and add some lace or sequence or just leave them ripped

Denim is always in trend, don’t you ever think about throwing away your old pair of jeans- the stuff you can do with denim is endless- DIY denim bags, clutch, jackets, skirts, pillowcases and what not even sandals.  If your jean wait still fits you, just cut off the legs and make it into a cute and trendy short, no sewing required here. If you want to glam up the shorts a bit more- add some rine stones and lace- you can use fabric glue to stick the stones.

Note: Be careful when you start cutting- you don’t the shorts to end up being shorter than you would normally wear. Also, make sure you cute both the legs at equal length. If you have shorts that you love then you can use it for reference.

#Tip 4: Revamping Old and Worn out Clothes

Take your old dress, use an old top as your guide and cut it to the desired length. If the edges are worn out sew it from the inside- if it’s a t-shirt than sewing is not mandatory. Now using the dress’ inseam as a guide start cutting the top of the sleeves down to where it hits the mid-section of the upper arm (i.e., 3/4th sleeve). Once you are done with that start sewing 1/4th inches of the raw edges inside the sleeves to create a clean edge.  That’s it you are good to go. If you want to make it more chick add ribbon on the sides- you can tie this as a bow over the top shoulders.

#Tip 5: Make a Legging Crop Top

Don’t wear your old leggings any more- ok you can wear them as a crop top then. Here’s how- Fold your leggings in half, Cut out the crotch of the leggings- you either do a V cut or a C cut- this depends on the type of neckline you want. Be careful not to cut the neck too deep. Make small cuts, try them and adjust them if necessary.  Wear those over your head, the legs act as the sleeves when you can cut out and adjust if you want small or 3/4th sleeves- that it- a simple and stylish crop tops is all yours to flaunt.

Refurbish Wardrobe Ideas

I hope these 5 Tips to fashionably refurbish your wardrobe, helping you save money and make the most out of the clothes you love. I know it’s easy to go to a store and buy new clothes, but where’s the fun in that?! And an extra bonus- you could become your own stylist. I looked revamping my old clothes, some turned out really well that it almost looks like a designer. Do try out these and let me know that you guys got. You can share your outputs, thoughts, and suggestion in our comments box. Stay stylish!

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