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5 Effective Ways To Do Squat Without Weights

Have you thought about doing squat without weights?. The squat is great exercise and is loved by trainers an exercise enthusiasts alike. The squats are an effective exercise which targets a range of muscles like calves, glutes, cores, Quads, and hamstrings.

Effective Ways To Do Squat Without Weights

This exercise which can be performed with or without weights is a versatile healthy exercise which presents a range of benefits like strong core, hip flexibility, stronger legs, correct posture and much more.

5 Effective Ways To Do Squat Without Weights


5 Different Types without Weights

While you may be wondering whether or not these exercises can be done without hitting the gym or not? We are here to bring you 5 different types of the squat without weight in our 5 Effective ways to do squat without weights article to help you remain fit and build those muscles. Let see the different types without any further delays.

  1. Side by Side Squat

side by side squat

The squat is performed like a normal squat and it is not an advanced squat of any form. Instead of normally raising your hips when you are coming up you jump to either the right side or left side. To begin, sit in your squat position with legs spread to body width stance with back straight. Come down until the thighs are parallel and then jump to your side. Repeat the same thing and jump back to the original position you started from. Perform 10-15 reps according to tour desire.

  1. Normal Squat

normal squat

The normal squat is performed with leg pointed a little outwards while they are to shoulder width distance. Straighten your back slowly dip your hips to the bottom until your upper thigh is parallel to the ground and then you slowly raise your hips back to an original squat stance.

  1. Walking Squat or Lateral Walk Squat

walking scot

In this squat, you stand shoulder width apart with toes pointed outward in a regular squat position, to begin with, and start dipping your hip. After you start dipping and reach the position where your hips are parallel to ground, stop and start walking side to side one feet at a time to the right side. After you are done reaching to a certain stop return to original position by walking to the left.

  1. Jumping Squat

jump squat

Everything starts as a normal squat, you get ready in a normal squat position, you take the stance, start dipping your hip until thighs are parallel to the ground but you do not raise up slowly. Instead of raising yourself up slowly you make a jump then you again repeat the whole process of dipping down and jumping.

  1. Sumo Squat

sumo squat

This type of squat requires to go beyond the norm and are designed normally for targeting inner and outer thighs. In this type of squat one needs to spread their leg is wider than shoulder distance apart with toes pointed out, bend down from the knees to dip the hips until the thighs get parallel to the ground and push on the hills to your feet to get back up.

How to Make the Squat Effective?

If you do not do the squat in right way your squat without weights is not going to get effective. This article 5 Effective ways to do squat without weights is all about getting your squat technique correct and avoiding mistakes people make to ensure great results. The 5 tips to increase the effectiveness of squat is given below.

  1. Take a Shoulder Width Stance

Unless you are targeting specific muscle group, you should never stretch less or more than shoulder while performing squats without weight for effective results. The stance od shoulder width ensures the thighs are not parallel to each other and open the hips to allow flexibility throughout every muscle.

  1. Move those Knees Outward

A huge number of people miss out on the benefit of squat and make it ineffective by letting the knee collapse inward. While bending your knees make sure they turn away from each other and point to outward direction when performing the exercise.

  1. Tight Core

An effective squat results only when you tighten your core a little while performing it. The squat junkies and trainers want you to tighten the core in order to aid in making your back straight. The tightened core keeps the back in rock solid position and allows squat to become effective.

  1. Go Beyond

People believe that extending knees past toes is not the way to perform squats, it is totally false. The knees and ankles are connected and the movement of one affects the other. Thus, even when your knees go out to let them go out but do not hunch your back while doing so to reap benefits of the squat.

  1. Stand Up on your Heels

There is a common misconception where people believe after bending down on the knees and dipping the hip until thighs are parallel, you need to get back up with extra footing on toes. Actually, the feet need to be flat on the ground for effective results. Instead of getting that extra leverage on toes to keep those soles flat let the toes rise a little while you raise up on the heels.

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