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What Is The Code Red Diet?

Code red is a solution for all people who feel overwhelmed by information overload, complicated diets, and extreme exercise programs. It for people who are tired of throwing away money on noneffective methods, cannot go to the gym but simply want to just lose weight.

What Is The Code Red Diet?

The first reason Code Red is different from other methods is, Code Red emphasizes sleep and water, in addition to high-fat and low-carb. Some high-fat foods are not allowed by code red. Code red eradicates the diet mentality. What is allowed to eat?

What Is The Code Red Diet?


Almost all vegetables are allowed except potatoes. Once you achieve your weight you can pick up those foods again. Always keep in mind that quantity should not hamper your fat burning.

Healthy Fats:

The healthy fats that boost weight loss include avocadoes, butter, eggs, and salmon. Cheese, seeds, and nuts are other good sources of healthy fats.  


You could switch to a plant-based diet or also eat meat. The meats to eat are salmon, sirloin patties. You could also eat macadamia nuts for protein. You can eat healthy proteins like tuna, chicken breast, salmon, oats, tofu, quinoa, and turkey among many more.


One of the rules of the Code Red Diet is drinking at least a gallon of water per day. Water hydrates you and also keeps your cells healthy and active.

You may use coffee with heavy whipping cream and replace sugar with Stevie.

There are golden rules that accompany the code red diet

  1. Sleep at least 7 to 8 hours per night
  2. Drink at least a gallon of water per day
  3. Try to eat a vegetable with every meal
  4. Restrict yourself to 2 to 3 meals with no snacks
  5. No alcohol, candy, or sweets
  6. Don’t drink soda
  7. Don’t do lattes or mochas
  8. 2 cups of coffee only per day
  9. No bread of any kind
  10. Do not eat after 6:30 pm

Benefits of following the code red lifestyle

Healthier gums 

Sugar, chemicals, and inflammatory foods are bad for your health in so many ways, including your teeth and gums. That’s why regardless of how you take excellent care of your teeth in terms of brushing, flossing, mouthwash, and regular dental cleanings, and still have rotting gums.

This way of life improves your dental health

And boosts the dental care you give your teeth.

Vision improvement.

Eyesight is all too precious and sugar damages eyesight and that’s why you’ve probably heard that diabetes can affect your vision. That’s why your eye doctor always checks for signs of it during every eye exam.

However, what you may not know is that sugar destroys your eyesight regardless of whether you are diabetic or not. What you need to hear over again is that eliminating sugar, and eating real food, drinking water, and sleeping, can potentially improve your eyesight.

Most people who get on this lifestyle experience an improvement in one or both their eyes after being on the code red way of eating.

Not everyone experiences this; however the more you stick to the guidelines the more you reap positive benefits.

Less body odor

There are countless experiences of people who have been on this diet having reduced body odor to a point that they almost forget to wear their deodorant. Since this is high fat and low-carb diet. You should also avoid starchy vegetables and all glucose foods. You need to lower your insulin to lose weight.

Weight loss mode does not last forever, however, to keep the weight off you should make some permanent changes in your lifestyle. When you follow all these suggestions and guidelines to the core, steer clear of carbohydrates and rest enough, the code red diet promises you weight loss in 90 days. This will boost your energy levels, improve your fitness and boost your self-esteem.

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