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The New Variant Hits Los Angeles County?

California, the most populous county in the US, is now witnessing an unusual growth of Covid-19 cases as the brand new variant Delta, which is known to be a dominant variant compared to the previous one that attacked us, actually does takes over as the dominant strain, as per local health officials. As experts warn Delta’s high transmissibility, the jump mirrors up sticks in other known parts of the country in the past week. 

The New Variant Hits Los Angeles County?

Barbara said on Thursday that we do, to date, see an uptick in cases and hospitalizations. Deaths are seen to be comparatively low, but hospitalizations continue to witness an increase, and it is anticipated that deaths may also increase. The case rate in the US has pounced from 1.74 to 3.5 cases per 100,000 people in a week, while 60% of those who are over 16 years old have been completely vaccinated.

The New Variant Hits Los Angeles County?

The majority of those testing positive in the US are unvaccinated, representing 99.96% of the new infections. Since California completely reopened last month, the overall covid-19 positivity rate has tripled, and the rate now is surpassing 2% since early March, for the first time.

The brand new variant known as delta first was detected in India and has been found in 43% of new samples in California, making up more than 50% of sequenced samples around the country. However, it is and can be much more in some areas, as per Dr. Rochelle Walensky. She adds, although we all expected delta the variant to become the dominant strain in the United States, this rapid rise is known to be troubling. 

In few parts of the Midwest and Upper mountain states, CDC data recommends it accounts for almost 80% of cases. What will truly turn the corner on this pandemic is a widespread vaccination, as per Walensky’s words. She adds, if you are not vaccinated, you shall remain susceptible. 

Vaccination Gap Widens-

The efforts have been made by President Joe Biden and his Covid-19 team to focus on having vaccination drives every here and there to quicken the process of vaccinating the unvaccinated population and cover up the damage that could be a part of making the pandemic worse. 

The overall rates of positive cases have dipped around the US; experts have stressed enough how vaccines are the best defense against the pandemic. It has been noticed that less than half of the population of the US were completely vaccinated as per CDC data. Over the past two months, there has been a difference in vaccination rates, and it has shown to be grown.

Countries that voted for Joe Biden witnessed an increase in vaccination rates as compared to countries that voted for Donald Trump, as per new study finds. The team used the data comparing nationwide vaccinations numbers from CDC and the 2020 presidential election results. 

To boost vaccination rates among republicans, the key component to any effort will be the right messengers, as per researchers. Republicans are most likely to believe in their doctors and employers to give reliable information on Covid-19 vaccine jabs, while the government sources are less trusted or believed.

During April, counties, where the majority of the people voted for Donald Trump, had an average vaccination rate of 20.6% compared to 22.8% in counties that rode and voted for Biden, as per the study. By the current month, the average vaccination rate in Trump-leaning counties was 35%, and 46.7% in counties leaning towards Biden. The gap increased by 9.5 percentage points within three months.

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