Big Pharma, Which Democrats Once Vilified, Is Now Our Savior?

Coronavirus has troubled the world like anything and almost no country is spared from the evil effects of this pandemic.

Fortunately, a few companies have come up with vaccines that can help people develop antibodies and stay protected against the effects of this virus.

Johnson & Johnson has collaborated with Merck to manufacture 94 million coronavirus vaccine doses in the next eight weeks, and the Food and Drug Administration has approved its third coronavirus vaccine.

The J&J vaccine, along with the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, is scheduled to have enough doses to inoculate every adult in the United States by the end of May, two months ahead of time.

Big Pharma

Since World War II, No business Has Mobilized In This Manner To Save A Life


As our country’s long nightmare draws to a close, it’s worth considering a few key facts: During the last election, it was the pharmaceutical companies that rescued us, not the government health experts that Democrats lionized.

The pharmaceutical company was painted as the national enemy No. 1 in the Democratic primary in 2019 before the pandemic struck.

Senator Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., proclaimed, “The pharmaceutical industry is the greatest bunch of crooks in this world,” accusing them of “actually murdering Americans,” and promising to “get rid of the drug cartels profiteering.”

Before the pandemic, the opioid industry was painted as the nation’s No. 1 adversary in the Democratic primary in 2019.

Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont said, “The pharmaceutical industry is the best bunch of crooks in the country,” accusing them of “actively killing Americans” and pledging to “get rid of the drug cartels’ profiteering.”

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Those Corrupt Drug Companies Have Now Saved Humanity

Prior to COVID-19, the shortest vaccine production time was about four years.

The drug makers were able to do so in a matter of months because they spent billions of dollars in producing new vaccine innovations that were ready only as mankind needed them.

The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines used mRNA technologies that had been introduced a decade before to cure cancer and other illnesses.

Moderna scientists only required two days to establish the COVID-fighting mRNA sequences and just over a month to start the first trials.

Moderna has also developed a potential booster against the variant discovered in South Africa because the platform is too quickly reprogrammable. Pharmaceutical firms will almost certainly react to new strains and develop new boosters in months as the virus evolves.

This is a medical marvel, and every American should be thankful for the creative free-market structure that made it possible. Operation Warp Speed, to be sure, aided the government.

However, it did so by allowing the private sector to take on the burden of vaccine production by agreeing to purchase hundreds of millions of doses before the vaccines have been proven.

However, three fatal errors made by public health authorities in the early days of the pandemic, which enabled COVID-19 to spread throughout the United States, made the public health accomplishment possible.

To begin, government scientists relied on a flu surveillance system that failed to detect COVID-19’s spread.

They were watching for an increase in patients diagnosed with flu-like symptoms at hospitals, but many COVID-19 sick people were asymptomatic, so this surveillance missed them.

They also messed up the development of a COVID-19 diagnostic test. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention declined to allow industrial or research laboratories to produce samples.

Instead, they let people who had been to international hot spots or had recorded contact with someone who had a suspected case get tested.

As a result, they believed the virus was not circulating when, in fact, it was. This is why Dr. Anthony Fauci insisted on asking us not to be concerned. Citizens should be more concerned about the “true and present threat” of seasonal flu, he told USA Today on February 17, 2020.

“There is no reason to change something you’re doing,” he said on February 29. “When you are a good young person, there is no excuse if you want to go on a cruise ship, go on a cruise ship,” he said on March 9.

On March 10, Fauci stated categorically that “the danger as a nation is relatively low.” That was a colossal blunder.

Then There Was The Third Disaster: We Were Advised Not To Wear Masks

Fauci said in a March 8 interview with “60 Minutes” that while masks “could help you feel better,” they will make you ill because “people keep fiddling with the mask and touching their face.”

The CDC Did Not Prescribe Masks Until April 3

Many thousands of lives and more than a million jobs could have been saved if the government had not made the detection, testing, and making mistakes.

As a result, the government exacerbated the pandemic while the private sector spared us. There is much to consider before getting the immunization.

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