COVID-19, Mental Health And How To Keep Yourself Busy

COVID-19 has been very crucial for men with mental health issues, where adult and young men are the most affected during the pandemic. After the pandemic was struck, the impact has been tough for men and a survey suggests that 77% of people who were part of the survey felt that their stress level increased and 59% of men out of them felt isolated.

45% felt their mental health reduced during the pandemic. A huge percentage of men try to skip any treatment for their mental and physical health because they think they are all right. WHO has been very supportive and encouraging men to reach out to mental health authorities to get support.

COVID-19, Mental Health And How To Keep Yourself Busy


Because of the COVID-19 widespread, mental health services have been stalled, even though the number of people who needed attention was rising. Another survey done by the WHO states that 130 countries that were hard hit by COVID 19 required more funding, to solve the mental health problems that people suffer from.

COVID-19, Mental Health And How To Keep Yourself Busy

Considering the men in America, more of the population has been dealing with mental health problems and that could have an impact on their physical health. So men dealing with stress problems are encouraged to talk to their partner or closest friend about their problem so that they feel better.

WHO states that the services of mental health were funded less before the pandemic hit. The governments were spending less on supporting the mental health of people.

During this pandemic, adult men fell more into a state of isolation where depression started taking control of their life. They started depending on alcohol and drugs to combat their mental problems. People who lost their job, people with low income, would fall into those who are struggling with mental health problems including insomnia and anxiety.

Even COVID-19 infection can lead to neurological and mental health problems. People with existing mental health problems, neurological problems, or disorders caused by drug use are more vulnerable to COVID-19 infection. This will make it even worse and might lead to death.

Men usually don’t share their problems much as they are insecure even when they meet a doctor. They might keep silent when they meet their in- personal therapist. Setting a virtual or telephonic appointment from home could be easier to address the problem.

Healthcare centers and hospitals have information on their website on how one can schedule appointments. They could also schedule a one-on-one virtual meeting or a personal appointment with the doctor or a meeting with a counselor.

A survey found out that most of these men who are slipping away towards mental health issues are mostly into beginning physical activity and nutritious eating.

During the pandemic, people who followed worse health habits had more chance to take alcohol. This has been the case of those people who rely on unhealthy habits than choosing a healthy diet or workout session.

The US has seen a spike in suicide cases among men because of depression every year and this has been the common reason for death among men. The pandemic has increased the tendency of men to end their lives through mental health problems. This will only keep surging unless the government takes a stringent decision to help and support men dealing with mental health problems, caused by depression and stress.

Men must come forward without being hesitant and try to solve their depression problems. Being said about the problems, people who are more inclined towards alcohol and drugs will have to deal with heart-related problems and unintentional accidents through an overdose of drugs. This might sometimes lead to death.

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How to solve the Mental Health Problems among men

Healthy diet

This is one of the best ways someone could stop worsening their mental health problems. Eating the healthiest and natural foods will help them stay focused on maintaining a healthy diet plan. Adding more fruits and vegetables will be an added advantage.

Hitting the gym

If you turn cautious about improving your physical appearance, then there is no way you will slip towards a dreadful mental health problem. You can also choose to opt for working out at home if you are not able to afford the gym during this pandemic.

Jogging, running, or doing push-ups would do. Surfing the internet will give you more exercises to improve your physical appearance and stop you from getting distracted.

Getting minimum sleep

Staying alone at home would keep people overthink things that could push them towards mental health problems. Losing your sleep will result in a bunch of health-related problems.

A human being must sleep at least 7-8 hours every day. Sleeping early and waking up early will keep your mind fresher. Thus you could focus better when you involve yourself in physical activities.

Avoiding Alcohol

Alcohol is not at all a healthy way to follow when you are stressed or depressed about anything in life. Regular consumption of alcohol will damage your liver causing cirrhosis. There are also other diseases that could put you in darkness. So when you are stressed, never choose alcohol.

Avoiding Drugs

Overdose of drugs is the reason many youngsters in the US succumb to death. Depression leads them to choose a way that could cause a serious health problem where many die.


Pandemic has restricted travelling and meeting family and friends. This has led many to turn towards drugs, alcohol and be sleepless and frustrated about not having a job. If you are not able to meet your friends or family, try to call them over the phone or through a Skype call.

Counseling or Doctor’s appointment

If you find someone who is behaving this way,  then make sure you help them find a website that allows users to have a voice conversation or video call with a doctor. Getting a one on one meeting will also be a great way to know what the person has been mentally struggling with.

Some might act weird or shy knowing that they are being taken to a hospital. In such cases, take them to a counsellor where beginning an interactive conversation with the person with stress will be a better idea to divert their thinking.


Since the number of infected cases is on a rise, following the necessary precautions are important. You can still be a self-motivated person and turn your sorrows into dreams by getting yourself busy with activities.

Self-care is important and realizing that being a bit selfish is not at all a bad habit when you are alone and have nothing to do. So choose only the good healthy habits to transform yourself into a better person

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