COVID-19 Vaccination: Some Dos And Don’ts To Follow

We were on the verge of drowning deep down in the hellfire of the COVID-19 pandemic. But it stopped just before the entry of vaccines. Those are our life saviors, and with them, we look forward to retrieving ourselves from this torment. 

Well, Let me ask you, do you think getting vaccinated is only required to save us all?

If it is a yes or no, there are still people who think so. They hope and imagine being free to enjoy the life they dream in full after getting vaccinated.

Yes, of course, these vaccines are good and provide us all their benefits. But do you know even after we took the vaccine, there are still chances for you to get infected with the coronavirus?

As the federal government is already all set to provide you with the vaccine shots, be prepared to receive them without any worries.

Some of you might have already scheduled your appointment at the vaccination site or are waiting for your call.

While you plan to get immunized against the coronavirus, there are a lot of things to keep in mind. 

COVID-19 Vaccination:

Let’s dig into more detail.



  • Enroll and get your appointment

It is the first step in the endeavor to immunize yourself. The online portals are ready to schedule your appointment, and all the clashes that have been reported so far also get resolved. Remember to schedule your appointment according to the flexibility of your time.

  • Pay a visit to your health expert

 No one is well-aware of your health than the physician you visit regularly. Just have a word with him about your conditions as well as your regular medicines. Take his advice, and also get to know whether you will have any chance to get a difficulty after receiving the vaccine doses. In case he is unavailable, seek the help of your local health department. 

  • Receive the doses on time

After you schedule your appointment, try to be there at the spot on time and not lag for the second dose in case you are taking the vaccine either developed by Moderna or Pfizer. 

  • Seek medical help

If you develop any severe side effects after getting immunized, do not hesitate to seek the assistance of a doctor. 

  • Let the vaccine staff aware of your conditions

Even though it is rare, there is a chance that you may have a moderate to a severe allergic reaction after you receive the shots.

  • Stay at the vaccination spot up to 30 minutes

You are recommended to stay at the spot for a while since you need to be observed to detect whether there is a reaction. 

  • Take remedies to relieve pain 

Chances are greater for you to feel pain immediately after you get injected. In that case, there are some home remedies that you can follow to ease the pain. A condition of extreme pain can be leveled after taking a relieving pill, but don’t forget to ask the doctor to get you the appropriate one. 

  • Continue the precautions.

Even after you receive both doses of the vaccine, it doesn’t mean you are completely escaped from the vigorous attacks of the coronavirus immediately after the shots. Let your immune system take its time to get itself boosted. So, you have to continue all the safety measures like masking, social distancing, and washing hands.  

  • Take care of your diet

It is preferable to drink lots of water and keep a healthy diet. 

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  • Panic

It can be because we doubt the efficacy of the vaccine, or about the side effects. It is common to get such worries, especially after we are struggling with all these since more than a year ago. Here, what you need are trust and hope. The vaccines being enrolled are safe and clinically proven to be effective against the deadly virus. 

We are aware of the fact that these vaccines will bring in certain side effects. And sometimes may be difficult to cope with. Some of us are really in a panic, but there is nothing to be worried about. These side effects are just some signals from your immune response which is on the way to uplift. 

  • misinformation

Since most people are the slaves of social media, everything shared on such platforms can influence us a lot. Pieces of misinformation appear in social media regarding vaccines were widely detected. It was a couple of months ago when the vaccination efforts were about to start and Facebook banned such posts. So don’t rely on social media to educate yourself.

  • Vaccinate if you are currently infected or in doubt of being exposed

Ensure yourself to be free of the symptoms and wait until you are fully recovered from them. This is because you might risk others and once you are absolutely fine, try to get the shot as quickly as possible. 

  • Mix and match

Once you received the initial dose, the second dose should belong to the same manufacturer. Even though both Pfizer and Moderna are so similar to each other, their ingredients and formula have some differences. So mixing each other is not safe and there is a chance of inefficacy. In case there is a delay for the second shot, you can wait until it is available.

  • Receive any other type of vaccine 

This you should follow between the interval of the two doses as well as until 14 days after the second shot.

  • Take a pain-relieving pill before receiving the shot

Even though you are allowed to take a pill when you experience pain after vaccination, the CDC suggests not before you get your shots. So leave the idea to take any pill before a while to receive your vaccine shots. 

  • Alcohol

It is better not to consume it or any such substances before or after you roll out sleeves.


We are excited to get vaccinated as it will let us get rid of the coronavirus forever.

These vaccines will effectively teach our immune system to detect and fight an external threat, i.e., the coronavirus.

As a result of receiving it, your body starts to shield you against it within a few weeks.

Since we already have the weapon we shall overcome this pandemic just after we reach herd-immunity.

So let’s wait until that to be free of all the restrictions. 

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