Effective Tips To Tackle Work From Home Situations

While the world has adapted to the new normal of living indoors all the time for the past 1 year, life has taken a new shift that calls for new challenges. 

To be exact, it’s the shift to online mode. Work, studies, shopping, therapy…you name it! And although most of us have adjusted to this new normal, on some days things can be quite tiring.  

Effective Tips To Tackle Work From Home Situations


Working inside your home with the presence of your family is a massive change in the environment. The sudden shift in working hours can also be quite difficult to adapt to as working from the comfort of your home can easily make you sleepy and tired! 

So if you are someone who has been struggling with Work From Home (WFH), here are a few tips that might help you increase your performance.

Effective Tips To Tackle Work From Home Situations

Organize a personal workspace

Now, this is the first and most important step that I would like you to follow. WFH means your home is your office. 

And you need a proper office setting to get into full work mode to not lose your concentration. Arrange any room in your house with your PC and necessary furniture in such a way that it looks like a typical office. 

Ensure that the setting is ergonomic so that you can work comfortably and do not have to face body ache or irritation. 

Creating a comfortable seating arrangement is always vital to prevent tiredness and keep yourself working energetically.

Get ready for the day as you would go to your office

One of the best ways to tackle your work from home is that you may try getting ready as the way you would go to your office. 

Even if you are too lazy to wear your work clothes, you can wear comfortable casuals. Just make sure that you are not too cozied up as it can make you feel sleepy. 

You can also do your hair and makeup as it would bring up a sense of confidence and make you feel ready for the day’s tasks!

Plan your diet routine

This is something which can be easily followed with the previous tip. You can plan out your food for each day before the beginning of the week or workdays. 

This would save you loads of time preventing you from working in hunger and maintains your health. 

Since you would be working as per your regular office hours, you may not want to skip your meals by thinking that you are anyways at home! You need to maintain your energy levels and consuming food at set intervals can help you revive it and reduce stress. 

But do avoid eating from your workspace! Choose food that is nutritious to help boost your alertness and memory. 

For snacks, you can use almonds, dark chocolate, pumpkin seeds, etc. Incorporate salads in your diet and limit the use of carbs and sugary drinks. 

Eat healthy while work at home

These are a few basic steps that any individual who is under the WFH mode can easily follow to maintain or improve their performance. 

To summarise, all I’m saying is that prepare your routines, as well as your house to fit the office mode, and you are sure to work comfortably without feeling lethargic. 

Now for those who don’t have the resources or room to create your workspace, you needn’t worry I got that covered too! 

Here are few steps that you can do in such situations- 

To start with, find an area in any room of your house that you can use to sit with your laptop. You can also use the floor if you are comfortable. 

Arrange your coffee table or a small portable folding table, place a cushion on the floor, and you are done with your work setting! You can also use your kitchen counter as a standing desk. 

Most people tend to use their bed for a comfy workplace but what happens is that you are more likely to fall asleep! 

Also, you will mostly end up sitting slouched which can result in intense back pain and neck pain. 

Whatever workspace you choose, ensure that it is comfortable for you. Remember to make any necessary adjustments as you might want to prevent or reduce any musculoskeletal pain.

Make enough space to work

Check whether the room has sufficient light, keep a scented candle, or spread any calming fragrance in your room to boost your mood and brain function. 

Since you will be having a small work area, make sure to clean and organize the setting regularly so that you have enough space to work. 

While WFH can be easily followed using these simple steps, you need to see whether you are taking sufficient breaks in between. 

Despite the food or snack breaks, you still have to come back to work. Also, food breaks are usually meant to help gain back your energy so you might feel like taking more breaks to fill back your concentration levels. 

Let me provide you with a few bonus tips that you can use to have effective breaks and attain increased focus

Go for a walk 

Science has constantly termed walking as an effective stress relief method. Walking is said to improve your blood circulation which is crucial as you are working in a seated position for hours. 

It also lightens your mood, strengthens your muscles and bones, reduces cholesterol, promotes weight loss…there are countless benefits of walking. 

You needn’t walk for miles to gain these effects. You can set a timer for a 20-minute walk once or twice a day when you have low functioning or just to clear your mind. 

Go for a walk

Practice yoga or meditation

There are so many online classes and Youtube tutorials that provide you with meditation and yoga lessons. You can opt for either of these and the results are sure to benefit you! 

The physical and mental health benefits gained from yoga have been talked about for centuries. You can arrange it with your schedule to have a fresh start to your day’s work. 

Yoga and meditation while work from home

WFH is for sure an unexpected and difficult change for many. But it’s not impossible to tackle. As the saying goes ‘desperate times call for desperate measures,’ with the global pandemic going on, we are left with no choice. 

And with the emergence of new variants, nothing is certain as to whether those who were able to return to their workplaces might have to endure WFH again. 

I hope these tips might be useful for you and remember, we are all in this together and things will always get better with time! 

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