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10 Ways To Get Rid Of Greasy Hair Overnight That Nobody Know Yet!

Hair! Gorgeous, shiny smooth hair!. For something naturally given to us, hair is certainly high maintenance. If you are like me, lazy, one thing that makes us sacrifice our laziness is a good hair wash. But again the process doesn’t end there,  shampooing, conditioning, drying, brushing.. that road is endless.

10 Unbeatable Ways to Get Rid of Greasy Hair Overnight


What happens if you skip your hair wash day, the next morning you wake up looking like a wet koala.

how to get rid of greasy hair overnight

Ah! You know what I mean…

Some women have a very oily scalp that even a night shower does no good, they wake up the next day with enough oil on their hair to make french fries. So what do we do? Before going into the solution, let’s understand what causes greasy hair.

Greasy Hair Causes

It’s important to know that hair producing natural oil is common, these oils play a vital role in hair growth. The problem when the oil production is too high and too low. If it is too low, you will face a situation called dry scalp which is yet another irritating situation. The key player here are glands called sebaceous glands. They mainly release sebum which is a lubrication oil. These glands are not just on our scalp but found all over our body.  If your hair is oily,  that means your glands very active.  But if your hair is very oily and looks greasy even after a good shampoo wash, that means your sebaceous are hyperactive.

While hiding your hair under a hat is a solution, a hat look don’t go with all your outfits unless you want to look like  Captain Jack Sparrow or Indiana Jones. So, what we can do? Shave our heads?

Well done, not are 10 Ways to get rid of greasy hair overnight, that changed mind, about taking the shaving part seriously. Visit

10 Ways to Get Rid of Greasy Hair Overnight

  • Dry Shampoo

The recent invention that’s the simplest and most effective way to handle greasy hair is Dry shampoo.

get rid of greasy hair without washing it

If you already haven’t heard people ravaging about dry shampoo and its miraculous effects, dry shampoo is nothing but a  starch or alcohol-based powder that absorbs the excess oil, giving you a clean, just washed and styled like texture. With dry shampoo, you can cheat on your hair wash cycle for a couple of days.

If you find dry shampoo too costly or if you are looking for an alternative, then there is cornstarch, it works pretty much similar to a dry shampoo, just take some and sprinkle it on your hair roots and blend it with your fingers. Tada! Done. Make sure you run a comb through your hair so that no clumps are visible

  • Baby Powder

Baby Powder, is yet another alternative. Dry shampoo is nothing much but powder + fragrance. Baby powder is a great mild alternative.

get rid of oily hair forever

Here again just dab some baby powder on the roots and brush it out. Its invisible once the oils are absorbed. Cheap and easy to get hold off is an added benefit.

  • Flour

Flour is not just for baking yummy stuff,  it can also be used for making your hair look smooth and fresh. While using flour you need to make sure that you don’t overdo it. Flour can clump.  Also if you have darker hair here a tip, add some coco powder to the flour and then sprinkle it on your roots.

  • Baking Soda

Baking soda is yet another dry shampoo alternative for oily scalp, it also has certain medical benefits. For example, baking soda has antibacterial properties and hence its great for curing scalp infections.

Get rid of oily hair naturally

It also helps in neutralizing the pH balance of the scalp. So overall baking soda not just absorbs oils but also eliminates odors as well as help you keep a healthy scalp.

  • Arrowroot

Arrowroot works much similar to cornstarch, you can directly apply this powder on your scalp and gently massage.

get rid of greasy hair in seconds

You will notice that your hair has instantly become soften, smooth and bouncy. If you have an excess powder you could either run a brush through your hair or run a damp cloth over your hair.

  • Dryer Sheet

Dryer Sheet, if you are someone who is not comfortable to apply powder on your scalp, using dryer sheet is another easy and on the go, way to solve oily scalp issues.

get rid of oily hair in 5 minutes

Just grab a dryer sheet and run it over your scalp, your hair and well as your scalp will instantly look fresh and smell refreshing.

  • Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer not just disinfects and cleans your hands but can also be used to get clean scalp and gorgeous hair.

get rid of greasy hair without dry shampoo

Just take a decent amount and massage into your scalp you can see an instant change.

  • Perfume

Just spray a little perfume into a cotton ball and then dab in on your roots, the alcohol in the perfume ensures that it breaks down oils as well makes your hair smelling great.

get rid of greasy hair without washing or dry shampoo

But this method is not recommended for regular use.

  • Paper Towels

If you are in a hurry and have nothing handy, then paper towels can come to your rescue. You need to really try to separate your hair and get down to the roots, gently blot the towel against your scalp. It works well in making your hair less greasy.  This method may not give you a long lasting result but this can be done and redone through other the day without worrying about damaging your hair and scalp.

Bonus Tips to Get Rid of Oily Hair Overnight

Here are also some bonus tips to manage oily hair and scalp. Try a mini blow out; when your hair is greasy it can look dead flat. Mimi blow out is done using a dryer as well as some roll combs. It can instantly remove oils give your hair that extra bounce.

Do wash but don’t over wash, people with oily hair and scalp need to wash hair at least once a day. But some people tend to over wash, this can worsen the condition. How? Over-washing can rip the hair off excess oil and hence lead to scalp producing more oil to compensate.

Use the conditioner carefully, when you use a conditioner to make sure that the cream doesn’t get near the roots of your hair. Its safe to apply conditioner to the hair sends a message and then rinse off with plain water. Try these methods and enjoy beautiful,  bouncy and fresh hair every day.

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