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How Can Adults Protect Children From The Variants Of Covid-19? Experts Recommend Stepping Up And Get Vaccinated

The delta variant continues to be a challenge in the US against the covid war, and experts can only suggest getting vaccinated to be victorious in the battle against the virus.

How Can Adults Protect Children From The Variants Of Covid-19? Experts Recommend Stepping Up And Get Vaccinated

According to official sources, the new variant is much more aggressive in spreading infection, which was first recorded in India, but now it is the predominant strain in many of the states in the US.

How can adults protect children from the variants of covid-19? Experts recommend stepping up and get vaccinated

Prevalence of the new strain in the states:

The Regional Information Center of the Washoe County in Nevada, for instance, has issued a press release stating that 17 new variants of the virus have been observed in the county, out of which two were recorded among children at the Hunsberger Elementary School.

The executive director of Piedmont Healthcare’s Coronavirus Taskforce in Atlanta, Dr. Jayne Morgan, implies that having clusters of the unvaccinated population cannot be accepted at this crucial moment when the new strain is spreading rapidly in the US.

Such clusters of unvaccinated individuals can become a thriving ground for the virus where it can continue to mutate and develop further vaccine resistance properties before evading the immunization drive of the general populace.

Morgan implies that since children under the age of 12 are still not authorized to get ionized, more and more adults should get vaccinated.

Since adequate vaccination among the adults can act as a shield to protect the children who are unvaccinated and hence prone to get the sickness more than the others.

Traveling hiking up in the US:

According to the CDC data published on Saturday, roughly 45.8% of the population in the US is fully vaccinated, which makes up almost 152 million people.

Almost 66% of the population have received at least one shot of the vaccination, which is falling short of Biden’s goal of immunizing 70% of the population before the 4th of July.

For achieving that goal, officials have not shifted the target of getting 70% population partially vaccinated to the middle of July.

However, as the vaccination drives continue and the nation slowly returns to normalcy, people are keen on taking advantage of the holiday season in summer by taking up travels.

According to the official data of the TSA airport, more than 2.1 million people were screened at the airport in the first week of June.

The spokesperson of the TSA, Lisa Ferbstein, states that such a number has been the highest since the pandemic began in the previous year.

The number of people that traveled through the checkpoint on Saturday has been three times the number that had traveled on the same day in 2020.

However, the screening in the TSA junction is yet to return to normal, when it had screened almost 2.7 million people in a single day in 2019.

More states follow the path of incentivizing vaccination:

Ohio was the first state in the US that had begun the lottery system for a vaccination with prizes worth $1 million.

The health department of the state announced on Saturday that the state has concluded its lotteries this week.

Gov. Mike DeWine of Ohio states that the lottery program called the Vax-a-Million was a success which increased the vaccination rate in the state to a large extent.

Although the vaccination program has ended, Dewine urges people not to forego the vaccination drive to ensure maximum safety for the individuals and their loved ones.

California is also another state that has wrapped up its vaccine incentive worth million dollars.

Massachusetts is all set to declare the winner of its million-dollar lottery while preparing to host four more rounds of lotteries.

Illinois is giving out the sweepstakes “All in for the Win”, prize money worth $1 million for its residents, along with scholarships for the young adults in the state who are getting vaccinated.

The first jackpot of the scheme is scheduled for the 8th of July.

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