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How To Drink Kombucha For Weight Loss?

Kombucha is a kind of fizzy sweet and sour drink made with fermented tea. Nowadays it’s available in every grocery store and even it’s easy to make at home.

All we need to purchase is the SCOBY or Kombucha Scoby for our initial start. The origin is uncertain but it’s believed to be originated in China in 221 BC 


What Is Kombucha?


Talking about Kombucha it’s a fermented drink made with tea, sugar, yeast, and bacteria.

This is made by adding yeast and bacteria to the tea and sugar. Normally it’s recommended to keep for 7 days for fermentation.

The fermentation process involves many microorganisms including yeast and bacteria, which result in a probiotic drink that has a slight vinegar flavor or sour taste.

Kombucha tea is mainly made with black tea and even with green tea too. Now day’s kombucha is made in different flavors like coffee, green coffee, hibiscus, fresh fruit juices like pineapple, strawberry, coconut, etc according to your taste preference.

This is consumed as a health drink which has many health benefits and it’s used for treating many health conditions. But due to lack of research or scientific studies, it’s not proven.

How Kombucha Is Prepared?

You can follow this quick and easy method to prepare the kombucha at home.

For that, all you need is basic ingredients like Green or black tea, sugar, and SCOBY

The SCOBY Is the symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast is the main and vital ingredient of Kombucha.

Scoby bacteria and yeast eat most of the sugar in the tea, and finally transform the tea into a refreshingly fizzy, slightly sour, and nonalcoholic beverage. This is relatively low in calories and sugar.


To prepare Kombucha bring water to boil in a clean pot. Now add the tea powder or dip the tea bags and once the black tea is ready turn off the flame and strain this and add sugar and dissolve completely.

Allow this to cool when it’s Lukewarm, pour the tea mix into the clean jar.

And now into this tea mix add the Scoby that we brought from the store.

Cove the jar with a cheesecloth and cover it with a lid. It’s always preferred to keep in a dark room or a cupboard.

Allow it to rest for a minimum of 7 days to 10 days or till our SCOBY is ½ inch thick.

After 7 days you can start brewing the Kombucha tea and start drinking. Reserve 2 cups for your next batch.

On the 7th day, it will be less fizzy and as days pass by it will be stronger. Longer brewed results in less sugar and a strong vinegary flavor. Temperature plays an important role in brewing.

If we handle the SCOBY very carefully it will live for a long time as we can make many batches of kombucha with one SCOBY.

Always keep in mind that your jars must be clean, with no moisture present in your spatula or around that area. This kills the bacteria in the kombucha and fungus occurs in the jar.

How To Drink Kombucha For Weight Loss?

Just brew the Kombucha from the jar which is fermented for 7 days and up. You can brew a sufficient amount for your one day and store it in a glass bottle and consume 3 to 4 ounces every time. Even you can carry it to your office or along with you.

The best time to drink Kombucha is,

  • Start a day with a sip of kombucha is on the empty stomach.
  • With food or just before food.
  • After lunch.
  • After exercise.
  • Before bed.

The best way to drink Kombucha for weight loss is to drink a small quantity of Kombucha within a frequent interval.

A sip (3 to 4 ounces) in the morning on an empty stomach, helps to have a great bowel movement.

How To Drink Kombucha For Weight Loss

If you’re new to this, start with few sips daily until your stomach gets adjusted to that. After that, you can include it in your routine.

And if you hesitate to drink kombucha directly, you can incorporate this in different ways into your food.

As this has a slightly fizzy and sour flavor you can use this in your smoothies, and even use this as your salad dressing and the best part is you can use this for cooking purposes too.

Natural acid present in kombucha helps to reduce your food cravings, great bowel movement, burn fat thus result in weight loss. according to research, Revitaa Pro is an all-natural dietary supplement intended to aid with weight loss and reduce stress levels

For better results, it’s recommended to consume continuously for few months.

Benefits of Kombucha

Kombucha contains 30 calories per cup and once we fall in love with this taste we can easily replace our calorie-filled fruit juices or carbonated beverage.

The good part of Kombucha is that it has less sugar content compared to other natural drinks. As sugar is being processed with yeast, which makes it easier for the body to handle that little amount of sugar.

The natural acidic and Tannins in Kombucha act as a magic element for your taste buds to reduce your cravings.

Are you in search of natural probiotics, Kombucha is your right choice, made with all-natural ingredients? It’s best to consume small servings throughout the day which helps to convert bad bacteria to good bacteria

Same as the kombucha effect in weight loss, let’s see what are the other health benefits.

???? Reduce the risk of heart diseases

???? Manage Type 2 Diabetes

???? Protects against Cancer

???? Kills bacteria

???? Rich in Probiotics

???? Rich in Antioxidants

???? Boost Metabolism

???? Aid constipation

???? Improve immune system

???? Lowering blood sugar

???? Reduce weight.


Kombucha is a low sugar carbonated drink that can be your perfect drink all day long.

For you to stay healthy and active, there’s no need to compromise your taste and you can include it in your daily diet plan.

We can say for instance, that several servings of Kombucha a day can work wonders for your health, but it’s uncertain because no many scientific studies are gone on this topic.

But from my experience, it’s very helpful for all my gut issues and which really helped me to reduce weight.

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