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How To Increase Longevity With These Simple Daily Habits?

A person is said to have longevity when he or she surpasses the average age of a person and tend to live longer. The word longevity has been derived from a Latin word meaning long age, hence the main goal behind longevity is to strive for the maximum life span.

How to Increase Longevity?


It is a very common belief among people that their age or life span is determined by their genes and a person can do nothing about it. However, this is just a myth which we are believing blindly. Though a big 30% of your longevity is determined by your genes, there are several other factors such as healthy diet, exercise, etc. as well which if altered can surely add a couple of more years in your age.


If you also want to increase your longevity and want to know how to do the same, then you are in the right place as here we have shortlisted 5 good ways which will surely help you. Have a look!

  1. Keep Moving

Another meaning of life is movement and hence to lead a healthy life you need to be active. However, due to busy lifestyles, today people substitute being active in going to the gym. This idea is totally wrong. Though in going to the gym you do exercise but if you chose some other alternate options like some active sport or other hobbies like going for a jog, swimming, playing tennis, dancing or any other thing which you like doing and involves you burning some extra calories will not only help you in remaining active but will also keep you motivated and happy enough that you will look forward to doing it for a longer period of time. If you love animals, then having a pet is also a great way to be happy as well as to remain active. Walking your pet is a must activity which once after having a pet you will take out time for. Always remember happiness is the key to a healthy life.

  1. Drink and Eat Healthy

Another secret for a healthy life is a nutritious and balanced intake of foods and drinks. You may get away with the careless attitude towards your meals while you are young but in old age, your body is surely going to take a toll on you. So, if you want to keep your body happy and healthy, then the key is to drink good amounts of water and opt more for fresh fruits as wells as vegetables. This is one option which can never go wrong in any circumstance. However, when taken in moderate quantities food like whole grains, pulses, cereals, healthy fats, lean meat, etc. are also beneficial for your body. Though alcohol intake is damage that you deliberately cause to your system, going for occasional treats is better than choosing excessive drinking. Remember to give your body plenty of alcohol-free and junk free days.

  1. Live Stress-Free

In the race to be ahead of others, we are doing more damage to ourselves. Stress can prove to be fatal for your body leading to many physical as well as mental ailments. Depression, inflammation in the body and heart diseases are just a few of the many diseases which can happen to you in case of excessive stress. Moreover, choosing options like smoking or consuming alcohol as stress busters can prove to be even more harmful. Rather than opting for such unhealthy options, you can choose alternatives like writing a diary, cleaning, boxing, going for a run, using stress balls, etc. to wash out stress. There are different kinds of stress triggers for different people, recognize yours and learn to tackle it to increase your longevity.

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  1. Sleep Well

The duration of sleep needed varies from individual to individual but sleeping for extremely less or excessively long periods can ultimately lead to illness. According to many researches, it has been proven that an average human being requires seven to nine hours of sleep at night. It has also been recommended to sleep and get up at the same time daily to form a good sleep cycle. However, according to different schedules, jobs, and lifestyles, neither everyone can cope up of having seven to nine hours sleep at night nor can they maintain a regular sleeping and waking time. Such people should then maintain a proper sound sleep ratio which ensures their body proper rest. A well-rested body is a body which gives the best and maximum output.

  1. Be Social

Our happiness is directly proportional to the kind of relationship we have with our loved ones. Whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, everyone has a few people on who they can count upon and it is their relationship with this person which alters their happiness meters. Sometimes, getting busy in our professional relationships we tend to commit a great blunder of ignoring our social life as this ignorance lead to strained relations which ultimately cause stress and tensions. It is better to make your loved ones, friends and family your strength rather than your weakness. Spend quality time with them and make them your stress busters rather than your stress-causers. Happy memories give a boost to increase longevity.

We wish that by regularly practicing these ways you will achieve your goal of increasing your longevity. Be optimistic and live longer!

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