10 Best Pescatarian Keto Diet Recipes For Weight Loss

Here I am with some best Pescatarian keto diet plans to help my readers attain a healthy life. The keto way of lifestyle has been the topic of hype for some time now, with people having different results and different opinion, the diet plan itself has been modified in may ways to fit different type of people, their lifestyle and their food habits.

10 Pescatarian Keto Diet Recipes for Weight Loss.


Keto diet as it is has been considered impossible by many. If you live in a restricted area then finding food items that are rich in protein  could be limited and hence following the diet for non-meat eating folks could be tiresome and unethical most of the time.  Most people are resistant to start the keto diet as it includes  high amount of meat consumption. In some environment the ethical reasons to restrain people from consuming meat and other animal related products. This is where the pescatarian ketogenic diet plan comes into action.

What is  Pescatarian Ketogenic Diet Plan?

The meat- free version of the keto-diet plan were you replace meat with fish is called  pescatarian ketogenic diet.  This form of diet plan is actually quite easy to follow as it is not as restrictive as the standard version. You can achieve ketosis easily while being on the pescatarian diet as long as you achieve macros.

Some of the key benefits of following the pescatarian ketogenic diet plan are; reduced cravings, less mental strain, no tiredness  and better weight loss results.

Healthy Pescatarian Diet Recipes

Here ia a list of some simple yet healthy pescatarian diet recipes, you can make within minutes,

  • Sardine filling inside egg omelette and sauteed spinach

Anyone who is on a pescatarian or veg keto diet will know that egg is one staple food that veg and pescatarians can equally eat. For this recipe you will need three eggs- whisked well in a bowl, add some almond milk to this mixture. Almond milk gives that extra fluffiness. Now add pepper, hot sauce, salt and garlic powder. Keep this mixture a side. Now take a fresh bowl- add spinach, garlic powder, salt and sardines. Mix this well and stuff this inside the omelette. This makes a yummy and healthy combination.

  • Keto mac and cheese alternative with veggies

To make this delicious sauce, all you need is t mix butter with flour, you can use the flour of your choice, for example, tiger flour or almond flour. To this batter add milk and bring it to boiling point. Thats it, as simple as that!. You can have this sauce with any of the keto approved vegetables such as,  Mushrooms, Spinach, Broccoli, cauliflower etc.

Pescatarian ketogenic diet plan
  • Veggie dogs with sauerkraut in lettuce wraps

Veggie dogs are a good option for keto beginners, it’s easy to make and yummy to eat. Replace the traditional bun that comes with the veggie dog with lettuce and add the above mac and cheese recipe as a side dish. You would want to let the dish go.

  • Sautéed spinach, baked salmon combination

Salmon is one of the most healthiest fish you can find, its the most ideal fish for the Pescatarian keto diet followers.  The fish is rich in good fats.  To make this dish combine salmon with, pepper, basil, salt and  extra virgin olive oil. Bake the mixture for about 20 minutes at 420 degrees. Salute and add 5 to 6 spinach leaves along with garlic and salt powder. This combination will make your mouth water.

  • Baked tofu with spinach and mushrooms

Tofu is a great optio of keto diet followers, it is low in carbs but also not very high in fat.

You can add fat to this this dish by cooking it in liberal amounts of oil. You can also bake (400 degrees) the same along with hot sauce or soy sauce or both. Tofu is not particularly high in fat, but it is low in carbs, and you can add fat to your meals in other ways such as cooking with liberal amounts of oil or butter. Finally salute this with some mushrooms and spinach leaves, garlic, salt and pepper to get that mouth watering meal.

Tip: make sure to eat this recipe warm, it doesn’t taste as yummy when its cold.

  • Palek Paneer stirred into cauliflower rice

A bag of palak paneer contains exactly 8g fiber, 8g protein, 34g fat. Salute a bag of palak paneer with cauliflower, olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper. This recipe is really filling and can be taken as the biggest meal of the day.

  •  Fried cauliflower with kimchi

Fry the cauliflower and kimchi along with spinach and some eggs.  The taste of kimchi is quite strong so be attentive when you add in the seasonings. To this you can add any kind of fish. Since this recipe is rich in carbs, be careful when the portion you take.

Pescatarian Breakfast Recipe

Take a bowl of raspberries, sliced almonds and mix it to a bowl of yogurt. This breakfast recipe is so simple yet tasty. The yogurt is good for your stomach while the  almonds and raspberries give that extra flavor. For those who don’t like the plain taste of yogurt , the flavor of raspberries and almonds will give that extra twist yo your taste buds.

Healthy Pescatarian Dinner Recipe

Boil an egg in two to three cups of water and once it reaches the boiling point transfer it to a bowl filled with ice cubes, this method is  also known as cold bath. Wash and slice avocado, hemp seed and butter lettuce. Serve this along with the egg , tomatoes, butter lettuce salad and mayonnaise .

  • Fisherman’s Chowder

Cook bacon at low heat in a pan for about  about 10 minutes, now add butter,  garlic and onion into the same pan. Mix all the ingredients well until the  onion turns a light brown shade. Make sure that you dont over.  Now add in cauliflower, shredded fish and heavy cream. Close the lid and leave it on for about 5 minutes, once the fish is cooked well add in the seasonings. This dish is of high nutritional value and a good option for pescatarian  keto dieters.

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1 Comment

  1. Donna Walters

    February 18, 2019 at 5:53 am

    Fishermans chowder starts with cook bacon – and it’s good for pescetarian? You do know they don’t eat bacon right????

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