Why Should You Receive A COVID Vaccine? How Does It Work?

“When will we be liberated from the toxic pandemic days?”

The most striking question that disturbs our state of mind nowadays is apparently this. Everyone, including me and you, are completely frustrated by seeing the ebb and flow brought by the ferocious coronavirus. 

When we see a slight declination in the statistics of daily COVID-19 figures, we hope it is the turning point. But at the same time, you are afraid of hearing the news, yet another surge in the very next day. 

Why Should You Receive A COVID Vaccine? How Does It Work?


We yearn to go back to the old days where we are not restricted anymore to live our lives in full. Our current hope relies on the vaccines that have been approved by the authorities. We invest our faith and hope in these efforts to inoculate the whole community and hope it will soon be successful one day. 

Why Should You Receive A COVID Vaccine

The Natural Defence Mechanism In You

A few among the microbes around us can be as deadly to attack us with a severe health issue. If a single microbe like the coronavirus invades into our body, it will multiply within, resulting in an infection. Then it will end up with a severe illness. 

The Magical immune system in your body will come to your rescue in most cases as it always stays alert. It fights the infection with several tools like,

  • Macrophages

These are the white cells present in our blood. They remain alert every time, and where there is an invasion, they start to fight off. The antigens formed after an invasion are harmful to the body. But the immune system in the body counteracts with stimulating antibodies to battle against them.

  • B-lymphocytes

These include a set of powerful white blood cells. They produce antibodies to defeat the virus.

  • T-lymphocytes

A yet another group of the white blood cells which targets the cell in the human body that have been already attacked by the virus. 

Vaccines Against COVID-19

Vaccines are an essential way to protect against contagious diseases. The defense mechanism that is present in your body will not be sufficient to stand against a more lethal virus like the coronavirus. Here the vaccine boosts up your immune system to make you armed in the battle.  

Since before the pandemic started its attacks in various parts of the world, scientists have started to develop a potential vaccine against it. After around a year-long hard work, they became successful. Now, 12 different vaccines have been developed in the world to conquer this treacherous disease. 

After receiving the vaccine your immune system will be trained to recognize and punch down the intruder. As you are living in a world of miseries caused by this fierce virus, it is so crucial to get vaccinated. This will protect you and help others in our community as well.

Why Do I Need To Vaccinate Against COVID-19?

COVID-19 is not as simple to deal with. Although you are already equipped with certain innate tools to stand against any infection, they become numb before the powerful coronavirus. 

We know it is not so easy to get rid of what we are currently struggling with. It has already stolen away a major part of the global population. Vaccinating each and every human being is the only solution before us.

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Herd Immunity

When a large population is immunized against the coronavirus, we will reach a turning point called herd immunity. It is a long-term goal that requires around 75% of the population to get fully vaccinated to achieve it.

Once that point comes in the battle, we all will be relieved. This is because it brings indirect protection to those who are yet to be immunized. It completely destroys the virus’ chances to spread and it becomes under control. 

How Do The Vaccines Work Against The COVID-19 Pandemic?

The basic idea behind the vaccines against the current pandemic is to introduce the immune system either with an inactivated form of the coronavirus or a part of it.

Instead of causing the disease, this will prepare the body to be well equipped during the attacks of the coronavirus. Here, what the vaccines do is to copy an infection to develop immunity within you. 

Such an infection will not be harmful to you but in contrast, it will let your immune system produce T-lymphocytes and antibodies. 

Once the body is free of the imitation of the infection, a supply of T-lymphocytes and B-lymphocytes are left behind. Which will occur typically after a few weeks. These are the best way to memorize the virus and effectively fight against the infection if it comes in the future. 

After the vaccine imitates the infection, symptoms similar to that of the original infection are probably to develop in anyone. But they are the good signs which give you strong indications that the vaccine has started its job to prepare yourself against the deadly virus. So, in case anyone develops any such issue there is nothing to be panic about as it is common and should be expected. 

To Sum Up 

The phrase, prevention is better than cure is ultimately true. Especially amidst this dreadful pandemic. It was not so long before we saw some people promoted the idea of naturally acquired immunity which occurred through the recovery of the disease after getting infected with it. While thinking about this fact, we realize it is risky.

And it may be possible in some other cases where the disease is not as dangerous as COVID-19. We also should not endanger ourselves as no recovery is ensured once it is contracted. Even if you could come back to life, it is doubtful how far the second chance you got is normal. 

The ideal solution that is before us to escape from this trauma is to get vaccinated as soon as possible. A majority of the research went on with creating a response to the unique protein part of the coronavirus.

Most of the vaccines developed in the world so far required giving two shots to every single person. This will ensure huge protection from the fatal COVID-19 pandemic.

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