South Beach Diet Review – How Does This Weight Loss Program Work?

Why my South Beach Diet review has suggested the weight loss program to most of my clients? That’s probably the most-encountered question you have right now.

Leading a life of Senior Dietician Consultant for 12+ years, I’ve got the chance to explore and treat clients of different weight-range, physical concerns, and complications. South Beach Diet plans have served me as the most versatile diet plan across age groups and health conditions with pretty insignificant post-treatment complications compared to other contemporary fad-diet programs.

South Beach Diet Review – Is It An Effective Weight Loss Program?


Unlike unscientific crash courses, South Beach Diet food maintains the “low-glycemic Carbohydrates-Low Saturated Fat-Low Sugar-High Lean Protein” balance that escalates the fat loss process in the safest way possible. South Beach Diet meal plan is also chalked in the most practical and flexible way possible so that working people can also follow this regime without walking the extra mile.

South Beach Diet Review

What is the South Beach Diet Program?

As we were discussing in this South Beach Diet review before, The South Beach Diet (2003); the brainchild of Arthur Agatston; a globally-recognized Cardiologist is one of the most sustainable and long-term resulting diets which more focuses on overall healthier lifestyle and maintaining an ideal weight goal than the unscientific circle of rapid weight loss and gaining it back even faster.

We prefer suggesting the South Beach Diet program mostly in the cases of:

  • Refinement of the entire food habit
  • Extreme high BMI inviting other serious health concerns
  • Executives with limited time to invest in food-experiments
  • Bodybuilding (especially as the perfect present of muscle gaining)

New south beach diet weight loss program is a 3-step diet program distinctly differentiated for gradual needs of your bodily system:

  • South Beach Diet phase 1 (1-14 days)
  • South Beach Diet phase 2 (15 days-several weeks)
  • South Beach Diet phase 3 (long-term sustainable)

Who is the Creator of the South Beach Diet Program?

In 2003, a cardiologist from Florida, USA named Arthur Agatston first given his theory on South Beach Diet a concrete life through his book “The South Beach Diet: The Delicious, Doctor-Designed, Foolproof Plan for Fast and Healthy Weight Loss”. It gained popularity after many South Beach Diet reviews from customers popped up on the Internet. During his ground-breaking research years on heart diseases, he first coined the idea of Agatston score which measures the amount of calcium in the coronary artery in terms of age.

South Beach Diet Customer Reviews

In his observation on Atkins Diet followers, he found out a significant number of flaws like the improper balance between fat loss and muscle building, perilous amount of saturated fat, restriction in consumption of good carbs etc. Most of these loopholes could actually pose a threat to the cardiac health of the client. Arthur Agatston, therefore, wanted to bring in a table such a scientific diet plan that will not only help in healthy weight loss but also will sustain a healthy cardiac condition. Nowadays, we call his dreams South Beach Diet results. As I mentioned in this  South Beach Diet review earlier, the program developed after thoroughly studying the effect it made on the human body and finally, he made a foolproof weight loss program.

What is Inside South Beach Diet System?

The entire South Beach Diet program is planned in 3 chapters:

  • South Beach Diet phase 1

South Beach Diet phase 1 is mainly focused on reducing craving, stabilizing hunger and naturally decreasing the insulin and blood sugar level.  The maximum level of nutrients restriction (all high-carbs foods, fruits, and grains) is done in this phase. The clients have generally prescribed 3 meals and 2 snacks a day full of non-starchy vegetables, lean proteins and restricted amount of healthy fat and legumes.

What to expect: 8–13 Pounds of body weight loss

South Beach Diet Real Reviews

  • South Beach Diet phase 2

South Beach Diet phase 2 continues for several weeks depending on the individual client’s condition and generally continues till the client reaches the desired weight goal. In addition to what he or she had been consuming in phase 1, whole grains and specific types of Alcohol along with the restricted amount of fruits are given. According to South Beach Diet reviews, the weight loss graph is a bit low in this period, but this will help to keep your body safe.

What to expect: 1-2 Pounds of body weight loss

  • South Beach Diet Phase 3

The advanced or final stage or what we call South Beach Diet phase 3 starts once the client reaches the desired weight circle. As we suggest this phase as the ‘maintenance phase’, nothing really adds to the phase 2 regime. Occasional indulgence is allowed but under restrictions and limitations. As per our internal South Beach Diet review and system, most of the clients continue this diet plan from 10 months to 2 years at a stretch.

What to expect: This completely depends on you

Pros and Cons of South Beach Diet Program

Now as we know what this popular weight-loss Diet is, let’s know some pros and cons of this diet:

One of the main reasons why we suggest South Beach Diet to our clients is as it incorporates with mostly unprocessed foods, high-fiber carbohydrate sources and ample amount of green leafy vegetables. If we look at the cons, though a handful of them are there, the inclusion of processed vegetable oils personally bothers me the most. This component can be replaced with avocado oil, olive oil, and other unprocessed monounsaturated fats.

Pros of South Beach Diet

  • No Calorie Counting

South Beach Diet comes with no calorie counting of each food. Followers can choose from a variety of food options instead.

  • Customizable for individual needs

To us, the benchmark of a practical diet is whether it’s customizable or not. And South Beach Diet meal plan is one of the most flexible diet plans especially when it comes down to measuring the quantity of Carbohydrate.

  • Lower Saturated Fat
  • Among all the variants of fat loss diets, multiple pieces of research have proved that low-saturated-fat diets work for the maximum number of patients. This Arthur Agatston diet allows the minimum amount of saturated fat possible in the diet.

Cons of South Beach Diet

My South Beach Diet review would love to bring you the cons also; They are;

  • Glycemic Index usage

If you’ve gone through the million-copy-old South Beach Diet Book and what you must do as per my recommendation by the way; you already know that Arthur Agatston has depended too much on the glycemic index for picking his options. In my opinion, the glycemic load could be a better yardstick as it measures both the amount of carbohydrate and the spike in blood sugar level.

  • Too Restricted phase 1

Though the phase 1 of South Beach Diet book is not recommended to continue beyond 3-4 weeks, because of too much restriction and occasional ‘carb crash’ can turn off many of the enthusiasts. The initial phase somewhat seems impossible to carry forward for busy officials as well.

Main Advantages of the South Beach Diet.

Our internal researches and South Beach Diet reviews have proved that not only from calorie counting; South Beach Diet menu sets you free from strict time frames as well. We suggest the clients rephrase each of the phases as per their individual body needs.

South Beach Diet User Reviews

South Beach Diet By Agatson

Also, one very important thing, as this diet does not speak of staying hungry, you need not to starve for hours till your next meal time arrives. South Beach Diet consciously includes a lot of cheat days, eating outs and DIY meals; you’ll never leave this regime out of frustration and boredom.

Here’s good news for all the late-risers; South Beach Diet is one of the very few diets that do not mandatorily need any work-out session. Also, this highly personalized diet comes with cholesterol-lowering properties. What could we ask more from a weight-loss regime?

South Beach Diet Meal Plan

Let my South Beach Diet review break down what’s really inside the South Beach Diet Plan and what you can really expect from this plan. These people say, so as many of my recent clients, an average of 5.8 lbs in the first week and 1-2 lbs of steady decrease is what you can expect.

The South Beach Diet certified practitioners have embellished 3 meal plans with the essentials, chef-inspired menus, junk-free snacks, body reboot kit, South Simply Fit™ shakes and even a completely separate gold plan specially designed for diabetic people.

South Beach Diet Plan comes with 60+ keto-friendly menu choices and with no artificial flavors or sweeteners.

South Beach Diet phase 1 foods include lean protein (turkey breast, skinless chicken, eggs and egg whites, Soy-based meat substitutes, low-fat milk, buttermilk, plain or Greek yogurt etc.), Non-Starchy Vegetables (4 1/2 cups/day), Legumes (Split peas and black-eyed peas, edamame, soybeans, lentils etc, 1/3–1/2 cup/day), regular source of fat (less than 2 tbsp of oil/day, preferably monounsaturated oils) and alternative fat choices like low-fat mayonnaise (2 tbsp), 2/3 of one avocado, trans-fat-free margarine (2 tbsp) etc.

For South Beach Diet phase 2 & 3, along with all the foods consumed in the 1st phase, daily serving of fruits (1–3 servings/day, except dates, raisins, pineapple and watermelon), higher-carb foods, occasional serving of drinks (light beer less than 12 oz and wine less than 4 oz) and Starchy Vegetables and whole grains (1–4 servings/day, Sweet potatoes and yams, Whole-grain hot cereal, Peas, Whole-grain bread, brown bread, Whole-grain pasta or quinoa etc).

Does the South Beach Diet really work?

If hundreds of confusing South Beach Diet reviews have made you question these to yourself at least once, don’t worry; you’re not alone. We, being clinical dieticians were skeptical as well till we finally dared to prescribe this diet to our clients.

A large number of negative reviews come from the frustrated followers who quit in the 1st phase. The initial phase of this healthy Mediterranean-style diet is indeed quite restrictive and tiresome, we admit. But, low-hanging fruits were never the sweetest, right?

South Beach Diet Weight Loss Program

Here are a few other South Beach Diet reviews and success stories just like Aimee & Dantonio to fuel your confidence:

Jennifer, a mother-of-four; a true inspiration to all who equals maternity to the permanent detachment from a perfect body, has not only lost 22lbs but also enjoys a lot healthier skin and active life.

Betsey & Scott have changed their food habit for good once they had encountered the South Beach Diet Platinum plan. Nowadays, they double-check everything that they are putting into their mouth. Also, they are amazed how every product is securely packaged and delivered to the doorsteps.

South Beach Diet is nothing near to scam and is a delicious and doctor-designed meal plan for fast and healthy weight loss. Ask Aimee & Dantonio who have lost 62 lbs together or ask Kelsey who had tried everything before joining South Beach Diet and finally lost 30 lbs with regular mild exercises and South Beach Diet.

The only point I’ve seen customers not-so-happy-about is the price-point. But, eating healthy was never cheap and this is an investment worth doing. Also, the minds behind his program offer multiple offers and money-saving tips like ordering in bulk, going for simple meals and the usage of various coupon codes.

South Beach Diet Discount

Final Verdict

Losing weight has never been easy. Weight loss journey, in fact, is one of the most complicated clinical processes where the variations of result for different people are the maximum. Still, we call a specific scientific weight-loss program successful when it works as South Beach Diet reviews claims for most of the users. So as I am here, with South Beach Diet.

The meal delivery service of them completely works independently and cook every meal of yours customized for you as per your age, sex, current and desired weight and hight. Their duty ends only with delivering it straight to your doorstep. Every week, the entire week’s meal is delivered to each of the subscribers that include 3 main meal, 2 times optional snacks and shakes.

The motto of South Beach Diet plan is to help you eat clean and healthy without craving for unhealthy junks throughout the day.

South Beach Diet program has so far served 11+ Million smiles with their book and doorstep food delivery. With the Chef’s picks option at the website, they help you to pick the best option for you by default. This will be the varied combinations of their best-selling meals. Later anytime, you can customize what you would like to have.

After joining, every subscriber is gifted with a free 7day trial that comes without any credit card and contact details. If you sign up either for the monthly or the yearly subscription on the 3rd day of the trial, you’ll be gifted with an additional 30% discount. Was dieting ever so sweet?

South Beach Diet Review $27

Product Name: South Beach Diet

Product Description: Unlike unscientific crash courses, South Beach Diet food maintains the “low-glycemic Carbohydrates-Low Saturated Fat-Low Sugar-High Lean Protein” balance that escalates the fat loss process in the safest way possible.

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Unlike unscientific crash courses, South Beach Diet food maintains the “low-glycemic Carbohydrates-Low Saturated Fat-Low Sugar-High Lean Protein” balance that escalates the fat loss process in the safest way possible.

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