3 Sweeteners Used In A Keto Diet – Quick Tips To Follow!

It has been rightly quoted that take care of your body, it is the only place you have to live in. keeping this in mind, people are getting more and more conscious of their body weight and fat;

3 Sweeteners Used In A Keto Diet


Thereby; Being more inclined towards diets to keep a check on their inches and those extra kilos. So, if we are talking about diets, the most trending nowadays over social media and among the people is the very famous keto diet.

3 Sweeteners Used In A Keto Diet

What is Keto Diet?

To begin with, in case you are a beginner and new to this term, a keto or Ketogenic diet is basically a high-fat, low-carb diet designed to burn more body fat in an effective way. It is trending as it offers tremendous weight loss, performance and health benefits to people. While on a keto diet, a person has to cut back on foods that are high on carbohydrates like processed snacks, desserts and starches, which is vital to reach a metabolic state. This state is called ketosis and these are responsible for breaking down accumulated fats rather than carbs in order to produce energy. Also, in this diet, a person has to reduce the consumption of sugar. This sugar consumption makes it a challenge for the person who is following a keto diet to sweeten the baked foods, beverages, dressings as well as sauces. And, believe it, it is quite a task. However, there are some sweeteners that can be used in your keto diet, that is low in carbs.

Sweeteners Used in Keto Diet

While following a keto diet, it means that one has to limit the intake of carbohydrates, and has to reduce the amount of added sugar. In this way, it can be easy to reach the stage of ketosis. So, there are many sweeteners available in the market to help you eat guilt free sweets and deserts while on your keto diet. These sweeteners can be easily used while on being on a low carb diet. It is advised to use these sweeteners in a moderate amount in your healthy balanced diet. One can get the flavor also and can remain low carb also at the same time.

1. Monk Fruit Sweetener

Monk Fruit Sweetener

This sweetener is a natural one that is extracted from China’s native plant monk fruit. The sweetener contains mogrosides, natural sugar, and compounds. Mogrosides are basically the antioxidants and are responsible for the sweetness of the monk fruit. As compared to the regular sugar, this sweetener can be around 100-250 times sweeter. The best part is that this monk fruit sweetener does not contain calories and carbs.

2. Erythritol


This is basically a type of sugar alcohol and is about 80% sweet like sugar. It only contains 5% of the calories for only 0.2 calories /gram. It has the potential to lower the blood sugar level in our body. This sweetener is used in cooking as well as baking. It can also be substituted for sugar in various recipes. However, it shall be noted that this sweetener does not dissolve like our regular sugar, and this can leave our recipes with gritty or granulated texture.

3. Sucralose


This sweetener is an artificial one that is not metabolized. This means that this sweetener passes through the body without being digested and hence does not provide calories. Many sweeteners have an after bitter taste, but this one does not. However, this sweetener cannot be used in baking. It is more appropriate for sweetening food like yogurt or oatmeal. As compared to the sugar, it is far too sweet, hence only a little amount is required.

So, these are the sweeteners that can add flavor to the healthy diet meals, and help one to remain low carb also. Being on a diet, one has a mindset that meals have to be boring. Especially, people with sweet tooth find it difficult to keep control of their sweets and follow any diet. However, with these sweeteners can help such people to remain low carb and enjoy their sweet meals and recipes at the same time.

Also, the keto diet can be different for men and women as both have different physical requirements and metabolism. The main benefits of the keto diet are weight loss, improved sleep, reduced blood pressure, better energy efficiency as well as the slower aging process. Certainly, if you eat well and are fit, it is quite evitable that life will have longevity.

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