Unbelievable Benefits Of Oil Pulling Method And How It Effect Your Skin!

This might sound crazy, that’s what I thought when I heard about oil pulling for the first time. But serious there is more to this age-old remedy then what we thought.  This method could just be that miracle remedy for the skin and health that we have been waiting for.

Unbelievable Benefits Of Oil Pulling Method


The idea comes from ancient Ayurvedic medicine and involves taking a tablespoon of oil and swishing it around your mouth like mouthwash. This process needs to be done for 20 minutes or a minimum of 10 minutes if you are in a hurry. Trust me, this methods has a ton of health and skin care benefits such as improving acne, whitening your teeth, helping with headaches, evening out the skin and detoxing your entire body.

Unbelievable Benefits Of Oil Pulling Method

How is oil pulling done?

Oil pulling is most effective when it’s done first thing in the morning. I love doing this with virgin coconut oil but you can also do this with sesame oil, olive oil, sunflower oil, etc. Extra virgin coconut oil has antibacterial properties and it’s easily found in the kitchen. When you start out it might fell a bit gross but with consistency, you will actually start enjoying the process.  This method needs to be done on an empty stomach or at least four hours after you had eaten something. The oil mustn’t be swallowed, if you do, then you are basically ingesting all the impurities in the body. Once you are done with the swishing for a good to 20 minutes spit the oil and rinse the mouth with lukewarm salt water or just normal water. Once you are done you can go ahead and brush your teeth.

How Does Oil Pulling Work?

Oil pulling detoxifies the oral cavity. Believe it or not, out mouth harvests tons of bacteria. Oil, when swished, draws out these impurities. Oils help in eliminating these bacteria just as they enter the body. As a result, this ensures that all the organs in the body function properly.

How Does Oil Pulling Work

Here are some of the Oil pulling method benefits on health and skin


  • Goodbye bad breath


Bad breath is the result of gases and chemicals produced by the bacteria in the mouth. Issues with bad breath can affect your social life and you might be caught off guard. One of the best and natural ways to remove bacteria in the mouth is oil pulling, it works just like a mouth wash minus the chemicals.


  • White teeth


Our eating habits especially if you drink a lot of tea or coffee can affect the color of your teeth. Instead of going for treatments such as teeth bleaching, oil pulling is the best and most natural way to remove the stain from the teeth and give you pearly white teeth.


  • Spotless and clear skin


Apart from just getting rid of toxins in the mouth oil pulling can also dramatically help in clearing out imperfections of on the skin. Oil pulling has been claimed to have positive results in clearing out skin issues such as acne, eczema, psoriasis, and others.


  • Hormonal Imbalance correction


Making oil pulling a part of your everyday routine can help in reducing the hormonal imbalance. You will be able to resolve issues such as regular menstrual cycles and reducing symptoms of PMS. Once the periods are regular this can also improve breakouts and mood swings.

Benefits Of Oil Pulling Method


  • Complete body detoxification


Our mouth is where bacteria, fungi, and parasites develop. Oil pulling targets in destroying these bacteria right from it’s the starting point hence preventing the spreading of a lot of conditions.


  • Gum & mouth disease prevention


Coconut oil has a ton of anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties which can help you to fight cavities and build up of bacteria in the mouth.


  • Relief from headaches & migraines


Since all the bacteria is pulled out of the body, over time you will find relief from headaches and migraines.

I hope you found the above article helpful if you wish to try oil pulling don’t forget to let us know your experiences. Stay healthy, stay beautiful!

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