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The US Sends Search Team To Investigate The Recent Spike In The Delta Variant Cases And Hospitalizations In South Missouri

The Government is sending a search team to South Missouri to respond to the public health crisis in the region. Delta variant is on the way to become the most dominant strain of coronavirus globally.

The US Sends Search Team to Investigate the Recent Spike in the Delta Variant Cases and Hospitalizations in South Missouri

Instances of coronavirus infections are on the rise, and hospitals are being filled up. The worst-affected city is Springfield. The CoxHealth Hospital began transferring its Delta variant patients to other facilities for better care. Another hospital in the region, too, followed suit. It transferred 12 coronavirus-infected patients to other hospitals. 

The US Sends Search Team To Investigate The Recent Spike In The Delta Variant Cases And Hospitalizations In South Missouri

Last week, the number of infections in Missouri became the second-highest in the country. It had 15.6 cases for each 100000 of its residents.  Arkansas was the highest, with 15 cases per 100000 people on a daily basis.

There is already a considerable increase in delta variant cases in places where the rate of vaccination is at the lower end. Experts here cite the instances of Missouri, Arkansas, and Wyoming. The number of infections, hospitalizations, and deaths is sure to rise in these places. An outbreak creates a breeding ground for viruses to mutate and become dangerous.

Up to 56% of the adult population in Missouri has received at least one dose of the vaccine. 39.4% is received the two doses of the jab, as per the data from CDC. Arkansas, in the meantime, has fully vaccinated 34.6% of its adults as per the estimates till Tuesday.

As per the data available from the CDC, experts expect a spike of coronavirus infections in less vaccinated regions. In fact, the numbers will swell, experts warn.

According to experts, this alone is a very powerful reason to receive the jabs. The country has a sufficient number of doses available with it. There is only one trouble. The number of people who don’t want the shots is very high.

In certain parts of the world, people will do anything to get a shot. But in the US, there are still those who refuse to get vaccinated. And the numbers are quite substantial, officials say.

President Biden plans to send a response team of officials that involve the following offices:

  • CDC
  • Federal Emergency Management Agency
  • The Department of Health and Human Services

To help the authorities in areas where the rate of vaccination is low. The team for Missouri will comprise of:

  • Research assistants
  • Epidemiologist
  • Contact tracers
  • Health Communication specialist

Others involved in the process will accompany the team. More members will be added as required, both offline and online, to update vaccination strategies and reach out to communities.

100% of the deaths reported in Maryland were from unvaccinated sections of the community. Besides, 95% of the new infections and 93% of hospitalizations happened among unvaccinated people. Besides, the Pfizer vaccine will be given full FDA approval in a few days, states the White House.

As per the recent federal data, 47.5% of the US population is vaccinated as of Tuesday.

The pace of vaccination has gone slightly down in recent months. But experts are optimistic that it will change in the coming days. They observe that FDA’s full authorization will prompt more people to get vaccinated. The vaccine already has a great track record.

Still, this will be an added feather in its cap. At present, the vaccines from Pfizer/BioNTech, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson have only emergency use authorization. Up to 31% of those who are yet to receive the jab will be able to receive the fully approved shot in a few days as FDA plans to authorize Pfizer shots at the earliest fully.

Studies show that the effects of coronavirus will last long, maybe for months.

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