10 Ways To Stop Nails From Splitting Horizontally – Causes And Treatment!

Here are my few tips to stop nails from splitting horizontally. I am sure this just doesn’t happen to me. Did you ever break your nails when you have an important function and you want your nails to look as perfect they can? I hate having different size nails so I end up cutting off all my nails and reshaping them. I also hate artificial nails as they tend to be uncomfortable for me. An occasional breaking of nails is perfectly normal as this can happen with accidents, but if your nails are always splitting, breaking, chipping and peeling, then guys- you have a problem. One must take care of your nails diligently and with great patience as beautiful and strong, don’t happen overnight. Here are my 10 Ways to stop nails from splitting horizontally.

10 Ways To Stop Nails From Splitting Horizontally


Before getting into ways to have your dream nails set, here are some basics about our nails that we need to know:


What Causes a Split Nail?

A split nail is usually caused by nutrient deficiency,  physical stress, accidents. Splitting nails accidentally are,  completely normal and unavoidable. This article will show you 10 Ways to stop nails from splitting horizontally and explain the cause of your split nail, how to prevent them, and when to see a doctor.

What are Nails Made of?

Nails and hair both are basically made out of protein known as keratin. Nails are the harder outer shell that meant to protect the nail bed. A healthy nail must be smooth and even coloring. When you notice the color of your nails changing, it’s better to go check up with your doctor.

Main Causes of Nail Splitting Horizontally

If not by accident, split nails are initially characterized by the crack forming horizontally across the nail’s tip, or vertical, splitting the nail in two. So what causes the nails to split naturally?

  • Excessive moisture

Excessive moisture can cause nails to become weak and brittle leading them to break, bend, or split. Split nails are usually observed in those who frequently expose the hands to water or chemicals on nails. For example: doing dishes, washing hands, or frequent use of nail polish.

  • Biting or Picking

Most of the people bite or pick their nails when they are anxious, this can result in uneven nails growth and or self-inflicted broken or split nail.

  • Infections

Weakened and split nails can be due to fungal, bacterial, or yeast infections in the nail bed.

Psoriasis is one such disease that can affect both the skin and the nails, it can lead to nails to thicken, crumble, or even split. It’s has been observed that about 78 % of people with psoriasis experience nail issues at some point.

  • Injury

An injury may be a probable cause for a split nail. When nails are broken from the tips of the nail bed it can result in the nail growing with a split like an appearance.

  • Diseases

Certain diseases may cause nail health to decline which could contribute to nail splits. Diseases such as thyroid disease, liver disease, kidney disease, skin cancers, etc can lead to split nails.

How Can One Stop Nails from Splitting Horizontally?

While there isn’t much you can do about an already split nail, apart from fixing artificial silicon nails. But there are various ways by which you can actually stop your nails from splitting.

stop nails splitting horizontally

  • Clean  Hands and Nails  Regularly

This is probably one the most basic nail care tip. Hands look beautiful when the nails are kept neat and beautiful. Wash your hands with gentle hand cleanser or soap. Use a nail scrubber to scrub your nails from both tops and under (apply if you have long nails).

Tip: for shiny and well-kept nails, apply a layer of petroleum jelly over the nails before going to bed. This will make your that your nails are well moisturized.

  • Keep Your Hands and Nails Moisturized During Winters

Winters can be harsh for the skin as well as the nails, once you wash your hands and nails, apply a good hand cream on both hands and nails.

  • Protect Your Nails with  Rubber Gloves

Dishwashers are made of harsh chemicals when frequently comes in contact with your skin and nails, will make your nails a skin soft and brittle, this can also lead to color change. Similarly when doing other household chores harsh chemicals from soap and cleaning products can damage the nails. This applies while outdoor chores too, for example, while working in your garden wear gloves to protect your hands from blisters, sharp objects, thorns and also from keeping the dirt off your nails.

  • Polish Your Nails

Getting a good moisturizing nail manicure and pedicure is great for nails. The massaging increases the blood flow to these areas. Once that’s done you also apply nail polish. But do note that a nail polish must be applied in the proper form of application, that is a base coat, one or two coatings of your chosen nail polish, and a topcoat. If the protective base coat is skipped, with time the chemicals in the nail polish may affect the nails and cause discoloration and brittleness.

  • Nail Polish Remover- The Real Villain

Nail polish is made up of strong solvents such as acetone, alcohol, ethyl acetate, or butyl acetate, all of which may remove your nail polish effectively but can be very harmful to your nails. Hence when you purchase nail police removers do look out of the ingredient, get those natural oil nail wipes. Also restrict the use of remover to once per week.

Apart from the above tips also make sure that;

  • You don’t Clip or File Your Nails When They Are Dry
  • File Your Nails on both sides
  • Try to keep you keep your Nail Tips Well-Rounded

But if your nails are blue or purple in color, distorted, have horizontal ridges or have ingrown nails that are painful. Immediately go check with a doctor.

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I hope these tips to stop nails from splitting horizontally, helped you to get rid of your nail issues. Do let us know your comments and suggestion via our comments box.

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